Smartphones are no longer restricted to few people only; rather they are now within the reach of people from any social strata, from students to entrepreneurs, from corporate executives to housewives. There is a large variety of smartphones available in the market to select from, depending on users’ requirements and affordability. Reliance on smartphones is increasing everyday among both young and old generation for its aid in work-life balancing. Smartphone apps have made life easy in various ways and the users who have become accustomed with the comfort of smartphones, find it difficult to live their daily lives without smart phones.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone technology is changing regularly to keep pace with the rapidly changing market demand. New trends of smartphones have emerged to open new possibilities for improved efficiency and workflow. Businesses are being benefitted from the changing trends of smartphone apps, as more and more people are inclined towards online shopping today. Following are some latest trends of smartphone apps that have caused revolution in business world:

Instant messaging from smartphones:

Unlike Skype and other messengers in PCs, smart phones lacked a free-of-charge instant messaging system for long time. Even the highly secured and globally used smartphones used to levy subscription charge for using instant messengers. This was a big drawback for smartphones, making the subscribers unhappy. To solve this problem and to satisfy the new generation smartphone users, many instant messaging apps appeared in the market in 2012, among which WhatsApp earned highest level of popularity. These OS independent messaging apps allowed smartphone users to communicate with each other at minimum expenditure.

Smartphone advertising:

Adequate usage of mobile shopping drove the online companies towards the development of separate mobile website for creating their online signature. This also provides opportunity for the companies to advertise their products and services to the targeted niche of audience. In recent times, many smartphone application developers have focused into smartphone apps development that facilitates the process of mobile advertising. Apart from displaying mobile advertisements, these apps also supply primary consumer data to the companies engaged in deploying the application to run advertisements on different mobile websites.

Health monitoring through smartphone device:

These are relatively simpler smart phone applications that provide different types of health-related information, like BMR and calorie intake information, etc. These apps are relatively more complex, such as constant heart rate monitoring, calculating blood oxygen level etc. Health monitoring apps have extreme potential to grow further in near future. These apps aim at including health care workers along with the casual smartphone users, who utilize the apps at present. Though the health monitoring applications lack accuracy now and provide only the approximate values, but it is not wrong to expect more accurate and user-friendly health monitoring apps very soon.

Smartphone payments:

Different types of mobile payments, like mobile banking through SMS and other dedicated financial apps have significantly increased in recent past. The researchers are engaged in solving residual problems and malware present on smartphone apps. Though there were some faults in Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems, more people have been attracted towards smartphone payment apps now. The users can expect further expansion of the market, with faster transaction and greater payment safety.

Location based services from smartphones:

Maps, GPS and other related applications have revolutionized human existence to a great extent. Travelling to the newer sites or different cities for work or pleasure has become much easier now for these smartphone apps. The location based applications also help in finding restaurants, hospitals, small businesses, shops and residential addresses with accurate direction. Google still being the undisputed leader in this sector, other companies are also in continuation with research to enhance the location based service.

The other flourishing trends of smartphone application are mobile music, mobile browsing, mobile search etc. Smartphone application industry is evolving rapidly towards a complete new direction to facilitate our day to day chores and existence.


Smartphone apps development is growing at a rapid pace to facilitate human lives to a great extent. Many smartphone apps have already emerged in the market, while there are still many more to come.

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