English is a globally acceptable language – we can say the lingua franca of the world. Academic environment, music, business, fashion, and different aspects of the social economy have English as its language background. However, many of us who speak English do not see learning another language is important. Most times, we feel the English language is enough and can tackle the demanding economic and social system. Is this true? Is English alone healthy for businesses and career personalities? We can consider this under the various ways of having a second or third language can improve lives.

Learn A Second Language

Increases Your Brainpower

This is one of the most obvious benefits of speaking different languages. If you’re looking at surviving the competition out there, then you must be thinking better and faster than the average entrepreneur or innovator. Successful businessmen are those ones that can direct resources.

Increases your confidence

We tend to trust people who speak our language more than those who don’t. Even when they’re not native speakers. Relating to them is a lot easier and this can create an air of confidence around you. Also, being able to speak foreign languages improves your personality especially in the aspect of relating with others. Business with International relations bodies can use your expertise.

 Brings creativity

Learn A Second Language
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You’d have more creative ideas, new ways of solving problems. These skills will be developed in you as. Your negotiation skills will exceptionally improve. Expressing your ideas and opinions will be easy and it’d be easier to connect and get people behind you ultimately leading t improving your business or career.

Picking the right language to learn

There is no actual rule for picking the language that will benefit you the most. It is a very personal decision. You can choose to learn a language that fascinates you or one that will directly benefit you. It may be in your business or relating to the people you do business with. But generally, you can choose to learn a very popular language like English, Spanish or French or the spoken language if you’re in a foreign land.

Learn A Second Language

If you reside in Africa or western Europe, then learning and speaking French will be a great tool. French is known to be spoken in over 25 countries across the world. It is now much easier to learn a new language as you can easily learn online. Platforms such as Robotel now offer such an opportunity. For English speakers, French is known to be easier to learn probably because both languages have similar roots. Learning French can also be a pillar of learning other romance languages like Spanish.



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