PDF files are one of the most implemented and trustworthy way of storing images. Without occupying an ample of space, they can easily be opened. If you are looking for the best way to store your data and protect it from any third party, then PDF files are just your thing!


Some interesting facts about PDF you didn’t know before!

Basically, JPEG format is typically used for photographic art, while the PDF is developed by Adobe and widely implemented document standard these days. It allows you to combine vector images, bitmaps, and scalable text to be easily combined in a single document.

Regardless of the enlargement, the text in PDF will look clear and sharp with even the tiny details clearly visible. However, this isn’t the case with JPEG. It is not desirable for images that contain unique colors and lines having small details.

Another thing that people often find difficult to decide is the format to use for the scanned documents. Well, the most recommended one is using PDF for the scanned docs. It also contains the metadata with the information about the document that will stay with it always. It allows easy portability to any of the hardware too. Plus, the web optimization feature allows downloads to be opened instantly!

The PDF is typically designed to accommodate today’s demanding and fast paced business world. Just a few clicks and you can easily send the document drafts and create e-versions of your documents in PDF within seconds!

PDF is cross platform and would appear the same on any of the device you use to view it. Moreover, with the latest optical character recognition technology, converting different types of documents like images captured by digital camera and PDF files into the searchable and editable data has become very easy.

Why you should choose PDF to store your data?

  • PDF document is a “read only” document that can’t be modified without leaving the electronic footprint. The PDF is economical and practical way of storing all your documents on the company’s server. On the other hand, file formats like JPEG, GIF, etc can easily be altered without any electronic footprint.
  • With the help of PDF, the organizations can put User-password or authentication security at document level. It allows them to mail the important documents between locations or people without worrying about any unauthorized access or any intruder on the network.
  • Another major benefit of using PDF files is that they can be viewed, retrieved, and printed with freeware software called Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can easily be installed on any network PC for free. The people outside your organization can also download it free over internet.
  • Sharing of documents become very easy with anyone inside or outside your organization with no extra charges involved.
  • Cross platform acceptability is also one of the major reasons behind the popularity of PDF format.

PDF documents can also be easily converted to any of the other formats. There are many reliable applications available online that can make your document conversion a lot easier!



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