TrustTrack is a real time transport monitoring and control system which allows companies’ to track their vehicles and ensure clear communication, work-flow as well as efficiency in the processes. Although tracking systems are nothing new, contemporary software such as TrustTrack can really surprise with its capabilities.

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Business efficiency

Managing hundred or even thousands of vehicles and their drivers sounds as a task which requires a lot of responsibility as well as precision. In order to ensure maximum efficiency for the business as well as good working conditions for the drivers, fleet management systems such as TrustTrack area necessity.

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Together with GPS tracking devices installed in the vehicles TrustTrack software tracks such information as vehicles location, route history and changes, fuel balance, fuel consumption, technical information about the vehicle and its condition, drivers working and resting time, etc. This kind of information helps to evaluate vehicles as well as drivers efficiency and profitability.

Fleet management software not only help to monitor vehicles and their drivers, but also help them to meet their destination in the most efficient way. All the information about new destination points, route changes and additional directions can be immediately passed on. In the same waydrivers can also pass on all necessary information for the distribution center ensuring that clients know about unpredicted lags or changed delivery times.

TrustTrack transport management system is also available on mobile devices. Having all necessary information about the drivers on your mobile will make it easy to do necessary changes or react to drivers notices immediately, ensuring efficiency and productivity of the business.

Safety first

Nonetheless, such transport management systems ensures drivers safety. Installing panic buttons allows drivers to give a signal for the control center in case of emergency. In addition, special accessories are installed into the vehicle, that allows control center to stop vehicles engine in case of vehicle theft. Long-distance drivers’ profession is dangerous, therefore transport management systems serves not only for the business, but also for drivers themselves as well as their families.                 



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