A marketing calendar is the best way to keep your business updated with all the significant events that are about to happen in the year. Also, this is the time when you can include all those pending projects in your to do list. This advance planning will help in the growth of the business and hit all of those objectives.

About marketing campaign

Efficient planning helps in putting together your business actions and allows you to follow them in a disciplined way. It is a way to consolidate all your scattered business ideas and thoughts and implement them in the best way. Knowing the importance of a marketing plan and formulating it is a sign that aid in driving purchases and increase sales.

Importance of a marketing calendar

When a company invests valuable resources and time into marketing, one should also put the time into creating a well-thought marketing calendar.  A calendar is a type of document that describes the dates when your business’s marketing strategies will be accomplished.  This marketing calendar is a valuable tool that keeps your business consistent and organized at all times.

A 2017 marketing calendar is the best tool to plan well, be prepared for any unexpected event, and diminish future costs. Some of the important dates covered in the marketing calendar is:

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day
  • January 28th: Data Protection Day
  • February 20th: President’s Day
  • April 7th: World Health Day.
  • April 22nd: Earth Day
  • May 3rd: World Press Freedom Day
  • June 5th: World Environment Day
  • July 4th: US Independence Day
  • September 4th: Labor Day
  • September 8th: International Literacy Day
  • September 15th: International Democracy Day
  • November 27th: Cyber Monday
  • November 28th: Giving Charity
  • December 16th: Free Shipping Day

How to align your business with 2017 Marketing Calendar?

Having known the importance of marketing calendar, there are some easy ways to implement it in your business.

Everything depends on the Industry

Every industry works with a different motive. A date that is significant for one industry may not be important for another industry. So, it is important to choose those dates from this calendar that is important for your industry.

Efficient planning of your actions

Once you have identified those dates, you can then make effective strategies to make maximum use of that time to increase your business sales. You can use these dates to perform crucial tasks for your business such as launching digital campaigns and other sales and marketing actions.

Also, it is very important to keep some days between the executions of two projects. The insufficient time between the events cannot provide you the desired effects that you are expecting from it.

Set aside a budget

Proper execution of a marketing campaign also depends on the budget. If you run out of the budget, neither you will be able to increase sales nor make profits. To ensure efficient execution of it, it is advisable to fix the costs prior to starting acting on it. This will help in avoiding any sudden surprises and disappointments.

Measure the outcome and do efficient analysis

Once you have implemented the marketing plan in the way you have expected, you now need to see whether you have received the expected results or not. Use performance metrics to analyze the results. There are several other analytical tools available that can be used to perform the analysis of the results and make changes as required.

By keeping these dates in your mind, you can prepare an effective marketing calendar to make your campaigns successful and productive.



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