Minimum Internet Speeds for YouTube TV, Sling TV, and Other Live TV Streaming Services

Just like every other article related to streaming services, we will start by discussing cord-cutting and how it is need of the hour. Throughout the years, cable companies have exploited customers by unnecessarily increasing monthly service charges along with the taxes, fees, and other surcharges on top. The anger is justified and that is why people are cutting cords.

The streaming services do not serve as the best alternative yet they do present a strong case. The monthly charges are affordable and there no contracts. However, you will most likely need a high-speed internet connection like Charter internet to power your streaming services.

Now, every streaming service is inherently different from the other given the type of content it delivers and the requirements for download speed. Therefore, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide on the internet speed requirements of all the major live TV streaming services.

YouTube Live TV

YouTube Live TV goes very well with the cord-cutters as just under $50, they can get all the popular channels of cable TV. It has the best of everything streaming and cable have to offer. The subscription comes with an unlimited cloud DVR service that lets you record all your favorite shows. On top of that, you can use the on-demand service and get instant access to various titles.

YouTube Live TV should not be compared to Netflix or Prime Video, as it occupies a niche of its own. It gives you a live cable TV experience with all the popular channels to lift your mood. It has comedy, action, mystery, reality, and drama in one place. Moreover, YouTube Live TV offers the convenience of watching all the popular channels on an internet-connected smartphone.

Now, how much internet speed do you need to stream YouTube Live TV? According to the recommendations given by YouTube, you need to have at least 3 Mbps+ speed to stream the channels in standard definition quality.

For high-definition streaming, you need at least 7 Mbps download speed. However, there might be a problem in streaming if multiple devices are connected to the network at one time. Therefore, for reliable streaming across multiple devices, YouTube recommends 13 Mbps broadband speed or more.

Sling TV

In contrast to others, Sling TV is a lower-priced TV streaming service. The reason why it stands out in the market is because of its affordable monthly charges. The streaming service market is already saturated, and Sling TV gets you a standard subscription starting at $30 per month.

Surprisingly, the high-tier plan costs under $50, which is still cheaper than most of the other options available. Sling TV falls behind YouTube Live TV just because of the interface. You will not find it as easy or slick to use as some of the other platforms. However, the channel-lineup is amazing and video quality is somewhat excellent.

The internet speed recommendations for Sling TV are based on the device you are using to watch its programming. For example, if you are watching Sling TV on your mobile device, you will need at least 3 Mbps for a good quality video.

For high-end screens such as TVs, PC, or Mac, you will need at least 5 Mbps to get the high-quality video. For multiple devices using the subscription at one point in time, Sling recommends getting an internet speed of at least 25 Mbps from your internet service provider.

AT&T WatchTV

If you think Sling TV was cheaper, there is something else you need to know right now. In just $15 per month, you can get access to live channels such as Discovery, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, HGTV, TNT, TBS, and more with AT&T WatchTV.

Just like every other streaming service, your internet speed can affect the streaming experience. Therefore, AT&T recommends an internet speed of 8 Mbps to deliver the best quality. However, if you are watching the programming on multiple platforms, you will need at least 24 Mbps internet speed.

Secondly, if you are using the service on your phone, up to 2.5 Mbps is best for standard-definition streaming and up to 8 Mbps is ideal for high-definition streaming. Moreover, high-quality video requires greater bandwidth so make sure you have enough data on your plan.


This is another great option for cord-cutters and requires a monthly charge of under $20 for the service. Philo is best suited for people who love food or traveling. It has all the popular food and travel channels. On top of that, it gets you a compelling variety of heavy hitters like AMC, BET, Comedy Central, and Food Network.

Internet speed requirements are similar to others. You need 3 Mbps for standard definition streaming and 7 Mbps for high-definition streaming. However, 13 Mbps is recommended for a reliable HD streaming.

Final Verdict

No matter which streaming service you have, it is better to get high-speed internet at your home. The ideal download speed varies from household to household but a connection of at least 25 Mbps is best for streaming in high-definition.



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