Guest blogging is a good way of getting backlinks for you website. It enables you to put links on a blog that is being updated every week, so the chances of that link becoming a strong or relevant link may be increased slightly. The trade off is that the guest blogger has to work for free and produce an article, whilst the blogmaster must give them a link from the article that is uploaded. Obviously, the decision is the blogmasters, as he or she may simply not want to upload your guest post. If you are hoping to be a guest blogger, then here are some tips to help you.

Sending a spam or template email to the blog master

Blog masters get these all the time and they can smell them. They do not even bother to read the emails. People send spam/template emails proposing a guest blog post. Send enough and somebody out there will respond. But, you will get a far higher response rate if you create a thoughtful and unique guest blog post request to every blog master you solicit.

Not locating blogs with the correct theme to suit your link

Many people will just look up a bunch of blogs with a high PageRank and high Alexa rank, and they will solicit that blog master for the chance to upload a blog post. However, the blog master is likely to say no because the blog post does not match the theme of his/her blog. Plus, your link is not going to be as powerful with regards to your websites search engine optimization.

Submitting poorly written blog posts

People do this because it is a way of getting rid of old text that you no longer need. Or, they do it because you can hire third world writers for just 0.4 cents per word to write poorly written content. Not only will this get your blog post rejected, it may even get your email address or IP address blocked by a web master who does not want to hear from you.

Going against the theme or attitude of the blog

This is a common mistake that is made by people who simply did not research the blog before they submitted a guest blog post request. For example, if the blog has a distinctly Muslim feel to it, then they are not going to appreciate any blog posts that compliment or praise women. Or, a technology blog may not favor guest posts on the merits of alternative technology, such as posts about Windows software on an Apple blog.

Placing keywords in unrelated text

People do this for the search engine optimization benefit. The trick is to take a piece of text, weave a few keywords into it that are relevant to your site. The link is then more search engine friendly and so it helps your linked websites SEO. However, blog masters will often reject posts where this is clearly the case.

Nagging the blog master to upload your blog post

It is unknown why some people do this, but they do. Do not nag the blog master to upload or review your blog post. By all means, try to get some sort of idea as to when the blog post will be posted, but ask whilst telling them you want to know so that you may promote the post upon its release. If you feel the need to nag, then simply write the blogger off and take your blog post elsewhere.

Not proofreading your guest blog post 

Some people do not do this because the blog post is not going to appear on their blog, so why bother. But, it will get you a first class ticket to rejection-Ville. The blog master will take one look at your guest blog post and reject it for being poorly written. You also run the risk of having your email blocked so that you cannot contact the blogger again.

Not following the guest post guidelines 

They install these for a reason, and bloggers tend to become defensive when they are not followed to the letter. They often consider it as some sort of insult or mark of disrespect. They will often reject your blog post or blog post request right away, or the blogger will ignore you from now on. Never try to request or submit via the blog comment section. Follow the guidelines to the letter and play by the blog master’s rules, or else you are going to struggle within your guest blog post campaign.

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