Once only available as a high-end luxury, motorized blinds for the home are now readily available, affordable, and more advantageous than ever before. Modern technology has made it simple to raise the style bar in your abode with these customized window treatments that boast a number of convenient benefits.

Classic Window Options with Modern Features

Electric motorized blinds and shades are available in all of the classic looks that homeowners love as well as innovative new designs for those on the cusp of home trends. These lift systems can be incorporated with an array of our most popular window covering choices.

Classic Window

Roller shades, pleated blinds, sheer blinds, roman blinds, real wood, bamboo, and cascade designs ranging from budget to designer prices create options limitlessly. Choose to control your blinds via remote control, wall units, motorized wants or using integrated systems and apps such as your PC, laptop, smartphone, or other activation systems like Alexa.

Convenient Control of Lighting and Privacy

Those modern features ultimately give you the complete freedom to operate your window blinds from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, you can use the automatic programming feature to set specific times when your blinds open and close and even pre-set their positioning and angles. Replace the alarm clock with the sun, make movie nights truly spectacular, enjoy private moments on the fly…all with the convenience of professionally installed motorized blinds.

Motorized Blind and Shade Installations

Instantly Increase Home Safety

Beyond programming the system to raise and lower automatically to keep out prying eyes, consider these features of mobilized shades and blinds that immediately increase home safety.

Eliminate the tripping hazard of keeping step stools handy for those hard-to-reach and tall windows.

Ensure those with mobility issues or limited reach can operate the blinds with ease.

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Youngsters grow impatient with corded blinds, and toddlers, in particular, can get caught in cords or attempt to swallow hanging handles.

Motorized Blind and Shade Installations

Pets—like children—are also attracted to cords and can cause unwanted damage and possible injuries.

Go Green by Taking Advantage of Natural Lighting

Whether you live in the Sunshine State or another region with ample sunshine, it can be welcoming and warming to invite the rays of the sun into the home and can also reduce heating and lighting costs. Use your automated mechanical blinds to let the sun in and also keep the chill at bay on cooler days. By using lighting to your advantage, you can easily save up to 10% on your utility expenses.

Motorized Blind and Shade Installations

Looking for a creative and innovative way to spruce up the home, add safety features, and increase energy efficiency by having complete control over your window coverings? Contact Decor Blinds + Shades at (305) 290-4660 today.



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