I would definitely say that it the most awaited releases in the market. Any good photographer would not mind to have one new Nikon D5200. It is mid range and falls under DX format line up. This wonderful model has been specially designed to crave out the creative side of a person.  One can embrace photography with more glamour and vigor bringing out the creative side. The camera has facilities for both the things such as Full HD movies and excellent still photos. Through this camera I can definitely say that true freedom of expression could be captured and one can definitely have a unique view of the world building a bridge to creativity.

The first thing that we notice about Nikon D5200 is8160574249_d59a4e7d60_z the image quality which could be considered as breath taking.  This camera is the third in the series. Its predecessors were D5000 and D5100. The new release no doubt had made a huge leap in the quality of the images. The new model is installed with CMOS censor and this is mainly responsible for maintaining the quality of the image. The DX format is 24.1 mega pixels and along with this there is the new EXPEED 3 image which makes the operation super fast and beyond expectation. The color reproduction is also very rich. The movie recording on the other hand has also been enhanced. The ISO sensitivity is high which nearly 100-6400 is. It could extend up to 25600. The basic function of ISO is to capture brilliant shot in poorly or dark lit environment. It could also be useful to capture moments of high moving or speed objects. There is an AF system present in the camera. There is also a metering sensor. It has recognition with Nikon D7000 series. This extreme feature gives the camera a new performance level and the image quality is much improved. The 39 point AF system determines the accuracy which is of super quality. There are also nine different cross type sensors. This cross type sensors are responsible for precise focus on the subject during photo shoot. There is an RGB metering sensor which is 2016 pixel are useful for supplying precise and accurate data to the scene recognition system present in the camera. It helps in optimizing autofocus, exposure and white balance. This done in an instant before the shutter had been released.

The next most interesting feature that I am going to discuss is the creation of image from any angle. The versatile of the new model is 7.5 cm or 3 inches.  It has a vari-angle LCD monitor which helps in flexibility and provides ultimate freedom responsible for taking outstanding movies and pictures from any angle possible. One can also get creative with the different angles by tilt, flip and turning the swivel monitor. The design of the new D2500 is quite intelligent and can be termed as a light weight camera. It has superior ergonomics and clear menus therefore making it a pleasure to shoot with. The camera is also equipped with wireless connectivity to share the photos and videos with friends and acquaintance. Transmitting of images is also possible to Android and Apple devices. This could be done through WU 1a Wireless Mobile Adapter. HD movies could be recorded up to 60i and 50i. The AF and AF.F is a full time servo. This is helpful for ensuring focus. There is also in built stereo microphone and in movie editing.

Other than this there are a number of scene modes and inspirational effect. There are a range of seven special effects such as miniature, color, low and high key, color stretch, Silhouette and night vision. A preview is available before shooting the original image. There is also in camera HDR present which is High Dynamic Range and there is also D lighting capture. This is mainly high contrast image which have detailed images. This increases creative possibilities. There are sixteen different screen modes which one can select from. They are used for optimizing the setting of the camera namely ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

This is the most suggestive model for anybody who is keen in photography or presently learning the D-SLR techniques. The budget can be a bit high but one can definitely give a shot.



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