Furniture Restoration:

Can you acknowledge your grandma’s traditional rocking chair which you surrounded to listen to horror stories? Or the sturdy closet? What about your father’s bookshelf? These are some furniture pieces which are old and are now a part of your family. You have so many memories with them, so when the time comes when they get stained or damaged would you replace them? Or refurbish and restore? Well, the question is tacky but the answer is simple.

Furniture Restoration

With Hotel Furniture you won’t have to throw all your old memories instead we will restore it and make it come back to life. We at Hotel Furniture feel the same love for furniture and know much better how all these memories mean to you. No matter how much age this furniture has gained, our furniture restoration Dubai can make them come back to life and all young. The only thing our customer needs to do is to sit back and make old memories new. So let’s start the process of bringing the old back to life.


Furniture repair

We can replace, reinforce old worn-out material depending on the procedure it needs. We can sum up various materials or with the help of old materials will make your furniture look authentic and classic. This will preserve much of your old memories.


It’s a detailed process that consists of the final furniture restoration of much of the materials. We as teamwork mainly on restoring items in their original state.

Finish Restoration:

Finish Restoration:

Not every time it’s vital to restore the whole furniture, there are chances when it needs only a final touch to restore its excellence. This final restoration step involves varnishing the pieces. To ensure furniture repair longer shelf life, we make sure to put multiple layers of finishing paint to bolster the furniture.

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So now if you wish to restore your memorable items, you can message us and we will do the rest. You can get a consultation to deliver all in one by following the below steps-

You can make a call – By filling out the form of furniture repair service, you will get a call from us.

Expertise advice – Our experts will give you detailed information about the item on the phone or by one-to-one chat.

Working guidelines – After information, we work on how to start the repair process within the given time.

Finish Restoration

Pickup Item – We will provide movers which will make sure the pickup of the furniture from your doorstep. Restore- Once your items are received at our wood furniture repair Dubai we will instantly start with the process.

Deliver – As soon as the process is done we deliver the item to touch safely.

Our Furniture Restoration Process:

Furniture Restoration Process

Our first step is to identify and find hidden any structural issues in which the item persists. After finding we go with repairing or strengthening the item to ensure longevity. We work keeping our client’s demand and requirements in mind and then go ahead. After the restoration is done we check the criteria for appropriate packaging. Our final step is to properly and safely deliver the furniture to your house.



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