Of all the instruments to learn, the Guitar is one of the easiest, and one which comes with the most easily accessible rewards. After all, you can find a guitar almost anywhere, and everybody loves hearing one at parties.


And just like all things in life, what was the act of going somewhere to learn something has now been replaced by apps.

If you have taken advantage of the Groupon Coupons page for Guitar Center, in this article we are going to highlight our top-rated apps to help your learn to play the guitar.

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar

If you’re looking for the most features inside of a free guitar learning app, then this is the app that you’re looking for. And rightly so; it’s from Gibson themselves. A brand name known for its quality and attention to detail, this app is a reflection of their nature.

What we liked about the app: It includes videos to help you learn to change chords effectively

What we didn’t like about the app: The tuner wasn’t as good as some of the other offerings.


If you’re looking for the absolute basics, then you’re looking for Chords. You won’t find any fancy colors, shapes, buttons, or videos here. What you will find, however, are easy to access, simple diagrams which direct you in your finger placement.

What we liked about the app: Super simple to use and very helpful

What we didn’t like about the app: It could easily be more visually appealing without losing its basic design.

Guitar Free with Songs

The name says it all…kinda. This app makes the list because it provides a different type of learning tool. Instead of showing you with a video, this app shows you on a virtual guitar. The app directs you for finger placement as you ‘strum’ and ‘play’ using your phone.

What we liked about the app: It’s a new take on learning and was very intuitive and could be played on the train.

What we didn’t like about the app: No negatives with this one. The only limitation is its teaching method. So if you aren’t a ‘hands on’ learner, this might not be for you.

Learning to play an instrument is a great and enjoyable activity. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions of your own.



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