PPC (pay per click advertising) is an important platform for online businesses to obtain a successful marketing in the web.

However, many business owners still overlook the benefits of PPC, and the actual result is that they are certainly missing out on an opportunity to grow their businesses online in a fast and controllable manner. PPC whether through Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or even Twitter promoted tweets are one great way to get to your prospect clients.


  • What is PPC?

PPC is under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Along with SEO, it can be utilized to target a good number of people through Search Engines like Google and Bing. As what its term implies, if you are an advertiser, you will only pay when someone clicks on your Ad. However, as years passed by, PPC has evolved and at present, it is already using other pricing models like CPM (Pay per Thousand Impressions) or the CPA (Pay when the click on the ad results to conversion).

Certainly, what makes PPC a good marketing material is that it allows an advertiser to connect with targeted audience by identifying who will see the ads which could be done by putting specific keywords or demographic characteristics. While it is true that PPC could be costly, however, many marketers would say that it is worth the cost.

  • Cost Efficiency of PPC

Certainly the most common misconception about PPC campaigns has something to do about “cost-efficiency”. Despite its benefits, many individuals remain to be apprehensive in the thought of spending for a PPC campaign. Though it is factual that if you become less careful on the way you run your campaign, you will end up on buying uncertain hopes instead of obtaining genuine results.

Below are crucial rules to follow to enable you to multiply your chances of making your campaign worthwhile.

  • Start Small

When having to start your PPC campaign, never get tempted by the idea of throwing your entire marketing budget on it. Start with a small campaign and then if you like the results, it could be a good signal that you can spend more. Everything is measurable from the impressions your advert is receiving, the clicks it gets and the conversions it makes so it would be helpful if you are able to familiarize these numbers before spending more.

Now, if you happen to be a neophyte to Adwords, Bing or Facebook ads, it is good if you can hire professional PPC service providers to do the campaign on your behalf. They have a good knowledge of how to optimize and make your advert become more effective. Know that optimization is not only for SEO, it is also a fundamental component of PPC.

Continue Investing as long as it is Profitable

In PPC management, you must be able to identify campaigns that are profitable and campaigns that are not. However, it is also important to remember that at the beginning, it is okay to run non-profitable campaigns as the optimization period may take quite a long time depending on the size of your campaign. Learn to be patient but at the same time, know when to give up.

  • Take a Close Look at Competitors

One of the most crucial things to consider when making a new PPC campaign it to study on what your competitors are doing. There are a good number of cheap competitive tools that can give you good information about your competition like the specific keywords they rank, their actual ad copy, etc. Make sure to take a close look at these data and use it to work on your advantage.

  • Root on Keywords that Generate Profit

One of the main reasons that make PPC cost effective is that it allows you to have a control on your budget and allocate it on keywords that are deemed profitable. Use every data to see which keywords perform better than the others



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