Many people love blogging and have even made a significant amount of money from their blogs. One of the biggest obstacles to making money from your blog is not attracting enough readers. Here are some tips to help you attract more readers for your blog and help you keep the readers after they have found you.

Post Valuable Content first step in attracting readers to your blog is posting content that is relevant, timely and well-written. Most readers are attracted to blogs that offer personality as well as valuable information. Your posts should be written as naturally as possible, but they should also be edited before posting so that major grammatical errors are eliminated. Great content is the most important aspect of any blog post. It is more important than outreach, advertising or any other aspects of blogging.

Guest Posting

Guest Posts

Writing a guest post for a blog in your industry is a good way to attract readers. Make sure that this blog is not in direct competition with yours before talking to the owner about guest posting. For example, if your niche is dancing shoes, find a few blogs about ballroom dancing and inquire about guest posting. Guest posting on well-respected blogs will help you gain readers and improve your credibility. Treat a guest post the same as one you would publish on your own blog and remember to edit before submitting your post

Utilize Social Media


Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to attract readers to your blog. Create a profile for your blog and make sure it is interesting and complete. Use this page to join relevant groups, interact with people who are interested in your niche and post links to your blog whenever you publish a new post. Using this page to interact with others is a great way to drive traffic to your blog.

Encourage Reader Comments


One of the biggest mistakes that some bloggers make is turning off the comment section of their blog so that readers are unable to make comments. Bloggers who interact with their readers and have a dialogue will keep those readers coming back. Readers are also likely to suggest ideas for future blog posts or make observations that help you improve the quality of your blog and attract more readers.

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Annette Hazard

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