There may be times when you’ll feel like you need to record a call that you’re attending. Want to recall something that seemed important on phone? Ugh! Forgot what exactly you were just discussing during your phone conversation! These are certain circumstances when recording conversations can prove to be extremely useful.

But, you mustn’t worry as there are a handful of call recorder apps available for android smartphone that you ought to have. These apps let you to record phone calls, and thereby make things pretty easy for you in several ways. In this guest post, we’ll be reviewing the top 5 android phone recorder apps.

Top 5 Call Recorders Android Apps

  1. MP3 InCall Recorder

If you own an Android smartphone then, you might have become aware up till now that recording a phone call is not that easy in your smartphone. But, with InCall Recorder Android app you have the power to record and manage your call audio files in a simple and convenient manner.

MP3 InCall Recorder

This app is user-friendly and very easy to use that let you record your phone calls in the Mp3 format and boast high-class Voice recorder. You just need to tap or slide your phone screen to the left or right side when you’ll receive the phone call and the app will start recording the call.

The best part about this app is that as opposed to other apps, it lets you start recording the call in real-time, without the need to open the app in order to start the call recording. Besides this, it is free to download and use.

  1. Call Recorder ACR

    Call Recorder ACR

This is the highest rated call recording app available on the Google play store. Call Recorder ACR (Another Call Recorder) gives you the flexibility to record incoming and outgoing calls you wish to record on your Android device. Furthermore, this app comes with incredible features such as password protection of recordings, auto or manual call recording, grouping recordings by date, auto deleting old recordings, and more.

It lets you to record your call in different formats like 3gp, MP3, AAC, WAV, etc., giving you the privilege to choose the format that you find the best for your phone.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder

As its name implies, Automatic Call recorder automatically records all phone calls. What’s more, this app also enables you to record calls only from the numbers that are present in your contact list and even allows you to ignore any call recording for a specific contact present in your contact list.

Automatic Call Recorder

Do you wish to stop the call recording, or wish to add a few notes or share your call when your call is still going on? No need to fret! This brilliant android app provides cloud services which gives you the ability to stockpile and/or synchronize your outgoing calls to your cloud services like dropbox, rather than on your phone memory card.

Additionally, the application allows you to put up your changeable file format. One last thing! This app might not work on some android devices and thus, make certain to initially the free app version for assessment, before purchasing this pro version of this app.

  1. Call Recorder

    Call Recorder

Call Recorder app is available for the Android users in two different versions – the free and the paid version. The free version of the app lets you easily record all your phone call, play and/or stop calls getting recorded, secure calls from getting deleted through auto-cleaning and more. On the other hand, the Pro version lets you share the audio recordings, etc. One great feature of this app is that it gives you the ability to organize your call recordings – with options such as by list, and by time to name few.

But make sure to try the free version app prior to getting the paid one.

  1. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy voice recorder is a simple and convenient app that holds an impressive fan following. This app offers a lot of things than just simple call recording. Right from recording your personal notes, to recording details of your meetings, and any other details, Easy Voice Recorder is the app that fits your bill!

This app allows you to record calls in high-quality PMC and AAC formats. This is a must-have app for business personnel.

Easy Voice Recorder

So, if you don’t want to miss out on recording any of your phone calls, you can consider the list of above mentioned great recording Android apps. This isn’t the end! As the apps not just record your conversations, in fact, also automate a lot of your tasks, be it converting the recorded audio files, and even sharing them through email and much more.



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