One way that a house increases in value are due to how the roof is constructed and what materials are used. As such, a roof designed to minimize the accumulation of dirt, water, and/or plant life means it is resistant to damage and therefore will last longer. As to the topic of material, there is a variety of roofing materials to choose from, each has its own pros and cons. Traditional material will certainly improve the overall look of the house but they come at a cost. There are newer materials that are easy to manufacture and install and still offer the same benefits as traditional roofing materials.

Roofing Ideas

Increasing the value of a home-based on roof design can be achieved by the following:

  • Gable roof
  • Contemporary roof
  • Hip roof
  • Practical roof
  • Galvanize roof

On the other hand, the choice of materials to increase the value of the home can be due to the following:

  • Composite shingles
  • Metal shingles
  • Solar shingles
  • Synthetic slate
  • Cool shingles

Let’s explore each one.

  1. The gable roof

The gable roof

This is often referred to as peaked or pitched roof style, this type of roofing choice is one of the most popular across many homes around the world. It is noticeable for its triangular shape which makes it very easy to stand out among other roofing types. The gable roof is recommended for homes located in parts of the world where heavy rainfall or snowfall is expected at certain times of the year.

The gable roof is able to shed water and snow very easily which helps keep it last long. Also, the design of the gable roof allows for more space in the ceiling which can be converted into an attic or improve the overall ventilation of the house.

  1. Practical roof

Practical roof

Another interesting choice for roof estimate that can significantly increase the value of the home is by using practical material. This means using materials that are available in the region and also used for the entire structure of the house. The choice of material will depend on where the roof will be placed. For example, the roof can be used for the courtyard or to give a pool some shade. Slanted ceilings will mean using concrete or clay tiles to help insulate the roof and protect it against the formation of molds.

  1. Contemporary roof

Contemporary roof

Advances in technology mean that there are more options when it comes to the roof design and material you have available. One popular option is choosing to cover your roof with solar panels. Not only is this a practical approach to increasing the threat of climate change, but it also makes the house cost-effective in terms of its energy use. There are even new roofing tiles that serve as solar panels themselves, which means it serves two purposes – no need to buy roof tiles and solar panels separately.

  1. Hip roof

Hip roof

This roof design is quite common among big mansions. It is characterized by the sloping edges on four sides of the roof in equal length and it all comes together at the top to form a ridge. It keeps everything uniform and the roof construction and installation of tiles are far simpler on this type of design. Although often seen in bigger homes, it has become all the rage in other smaller houses whose homeowners want to appear hip and stylish in their house design.

  1. Galvanized roof

Galvanized roof

In some cases, a galvanized roof or one that is made with polished steel can be an amazing alternative to regular shingles or clay tiles. Both these types of materials are tough and known to insulate against the sun’s solar energy by up to 95%. This is an excellent option for homes in places with long summer months as it can help regulate the temperature of the home better.

  1. Composite shingles

Galvanized roof

One of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home, especially when you are considering putting the property on the market is if you install a new roof. Now, if you’re roof is relatively new with minimal wear and tear, you don’t have to follow this tip. But if you’ve seen a fair amount of damage on the roof having it repaired compared to installing a new roof might have the same monetary advantage. Besides, there are a ton of new roofing materials that offer the same advantage as the old ones yet are cheaper.

For example, composite shingles are made of polymers and fiberglass and made to mimic the look of slate and wood shingles which can increase the curb appeal of the home. Using composite shingles means achieving the look without having to add weight to the structure of the roof.

  1. Metal shingles

Metal shingles

When people think of metal roofing, they picture large sheets of metal used in most homes and commercial spaces. But metal shingles are not the same type. These are created individually in order to take on the appearance of other materials such as wood or stone. It has almost the same characteristics as architectural composite shingles. The only difference is the material choice.

Metal, unlike composite, is easier to reshape and reform. The manufacturing is also fast which means there is a steady supply of the material so installation work is not hampered by delays. What’s more, metal shingles also require less maintenance. Being metal, moss doesn’t generally thrive since there are no cracks in the metal for roots to take hold. Metal roofs are also known to withstand the test of time, with many lasting between 40 to 70 years, as opposed to asphalt roof that needs to be replaced as late as 20 years.

Lastly, metal shingles are also energy efficient as they reflect more UV and infrared light back into the atmosphere and only absorbing a fraction of it thereby reducing the cost of cooling the house.

  1. Solar Shingles

Solar Shingles

We are on the brink of a major technological milestone. Every available mind in the field of ecology, meteorology, and sociology confirms that the impending threat to climate change is going to have a major effect on our society at large. Such a massive issue will require a global response. We see this most obviously in how many countries have slowly transitioned to renewable power. Oil is out and solar, wind, and hydros are in. This fact is proof that our future will become increasingly reliant on alternative sources of power.

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To prepare for such a future, homeowners might want to consider making their homes future-proof by installing solar shingles. These have similar characteristics to a solar panel in so much as these collect the sun’s radiation and convert them into an electrical output. However, the distinction ends there. Solar panels are only roof accessories. They are added on top of an existing roof. Solar shingles, on the other hand, are built into the structure of the roof itself. Essential, these shingles that also collect light energy make up the roof.

  1. Synthetic slate shingles

Synthetic slate shingles

For many centuries, the roofing material of choice has always been authentic slate shingles, at least in American and European homes. However, its beauty and appeal come at a cost – a very high cost in fact. This has lead many manufacturers to think of ways to mimic the beauty of real slate with the affordability of factory manufacturing. Made from combining rubber and plastic, synthetic slate is also known to last for far longer than authentic slate.

Synthetic slate is made with the use of injection molding which makes the production fast and cheap. The new innovation of material technology has made newer synthetic slates to be lighter yet durable. Installation is a breeze making it possible to complete the roof in mere days. Most of these newer slates contain ultraviolet inhibitors to reduce damage from sun exposure.

If you are considering a synthetic slate for your roof, you might want to consider a synthetic slate made from recycled plastic. It could be discarded plastic from other industries or decommissioned roof slate that were then recycled into new slates. The benefits of synthetic slate outweigh the benefits of an authentic yet more costly slate offers.

  1. Cool shingles

Cool shingles

Getting cool shingles as roof replacement or for a new roof is only going to do wonders to the value of your home. These types of innovative roofing materials help keep the house cool even on the hottest of days. This has the added benefit of lowering the energy cost of cooling the home.

Besides cooling the roof, it’s also possible for cool roofing to be environmentally friendly. With enough buildings in cities and suburban areas with a cool roof, it’s possible to lower the radiant atmospheric heat such urban areas release. With a cooler overall surrounding, fans and air conditioning units don’t have to work as hard and consume as much power with these types of roofs.

There are numerous ways that you can increase the value of your home and designing, upgrading, or repairing your roof is one of those. A house’s roof reflects the overall condition of the property. A well-maintained roof that looks new, and clean will mean the rest of the house is the same.



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