With monetary savings and intelligent investments becoming the most important thing in people’s lives these days, it’s become all the more difficult to understand whats right and whats wrong. Its raining offers, deals, save up mondays but it all seems a little too overwhelming. Are they really what they look like? Most people are penny wise and pound foolish. And this is what having a post paid connection seems to be becoming all about. On the first look, as one is saving a lot of dollars on the handset price(since postpaid service providers will discount it), one tends to overlook the ensuing usage costs.

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A number of people have gone on to calculate the total amount of money spent on postpaid and prepaid connections, and is turns out that prepaid clearly emerges as the winner when it comes to saving dollars. The issue is that up till now pre paids have been associated with those who were not affluent enough to afford post-paid. But the trend got a start with students enrolled at the university level and now gradually more and more people are choosing prepaid services over the post paid ones; consequentially the supposed segregation has vanished.

Although there are one too many reasons that each person can point out for choosing prepaid connections over the post paid ones, but here is a list of the main pointers that are common for most people.

Saves you the money by a big margin

It is beneficial over post-paid connection by almost $600 as in a pre paid you skip the activation fees, the monthly access rate and the 24 month access fee also. The pre paid connection will not have these hidden costs that you’d bear without acknowledging before signing up for the contract.

No contract bindings

It is free of the 24 month contract. And this is a relief for users unable to understand why they should be in a two year contract. One is always wanting to be able to take to change. Also, with the ever so growing market, you never know when you’d like to try a new handset. Being bound in a hefty contract may completely kill all those opportunities.

You don’t feel the pinch of being under a debt

You will not be in debt, as you will have an estimate at the start of every month how much you are spending. This lets you manage your accounts well!

Works well as an extra family phone

There is also a few of us who believe that kids may not necessarily need a phone for themselves all the time. But, when they head out with their friends to a concert or somewhere without the parents, it may get difficult to communicate with them without a mobile. Adding another contract phone to the family circle can call for a lot of money. Also because you do not really need a very smart phone for such purposes. Getting yourself a prepaid connection on an average phone should suffice. Your communication woes are resolved and you don’t end up blowing a lot of money on the regular contracts as such.

Better Plans

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As more and more smartphone users are making the switch, providers are catering to them now, by providing upto 5GB plans. Verizon which provides the latest devices and is the most widely used provider, has a pre-paid plan too.

So one can see that this trend of pre paid connection is slowly but surely coming about. You might be paying more upfront on the basic purchase of a device but if you calculate over a two year period, you will see how you’re only saving up every a lot that wasn’t really visible at the start. One just needs to compromise on the fact that you may not be able to own the latest device in the market, and once you have made peace with this fact, you are all set to save your dollars.

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Chris Fox once did a documentary on reptile food vendors and covered various frozen rabbits as the main selling point. Before taking up videography full time, he has worked as a copyeditor for a reputation management agency.

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