You give phone to your three year old kid to keep him silent for a while when you are busy at some work. When you take back phone from the child, you see many of your apps on it are deleted.  Though you don’t hand over the phone the child wontedly, there are good number of chances that this attractive gadget will be picked by the kid when you are not around so, you should understand that there are good chances of your apps getting deleted from the phone.  It is important to have lock for your apps on the smart phone.


You can now get app lock app on the Google play store for free if you are android user.  This lock helps you protect specific application by entering unlock password or unlock drawing.  There is no need  for you to lock entire phone to prevent un authorized accesses.  You can protect many things on your phone such as email, gallery, contacts, SMS, photos, etc.

Quick start

This is one of the powerful apps available on the Google play store and is pretty easy to use.  You can choose to display or hide all installed app on your phone. Just chose apps that you want protect and click apply button. Just wait for a second and the chosen program will be added to protected list.  You can choose to protect these apps either through password or chosen pattern.

About Password

There is no need for you to have password in the initial accesses. Though the app lock prompts for the password before initial use, you can just skip it and accesses the app because the default password is empty. You can reset your password after your first login.  You will also have facility to set the password with password hint.  This will help you with the hint in case you forget password and recovery email to retrieve your password.


Desktop switches

This is one of the best feature with this amazing app. You will have two switches on your desktop after you complete related settings. One is quick switch and this switch can be used to turn on /off the protection of all the apps in the protected list. The second switch is lock phone switch which unlocks your phone completely once it is on. However, these two switches can be unlocked with the right patterns on the phone.  

Other Features
  • Re-locks automatically when your home screen is open, however, you have an option to shut it down.
  • The app will be locked automatically when you leave it
  • You can launch app automatically as the smart phone boots.
  • There are different ways to solve the problems that you face while using the smart phone, you can check the FAQs section of the app for any further assistance.
  • This app works extremely well on your android phone and offers quick protection to your apps.



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