A huge emphasis is placed these days on how to protect business systems such as financial enterprises, banks and large corporate organisations from malicious attacks. Expensive and cutting edge technologies are focusing on securing corporate data in governments and large institutions alike.

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But who is giving a thought about the small and medium business sector? Organisations falling in this category do not have the means to purchase highly-priced security systems or invest in hiring security consultants to help safeguard their data. Having said that, there is very little proof that such strategies actually work for the large corporates.

Despite the presence of IT departments in any organisation, the dangers concerning security are very much alive. Contrary to popular belief, over 75% of data attacks and document theft have taken place in small enterprises with less than 100 employees.

As a small business, what can one do? Like any other organisation, you are looking for a way to secure PDF files without having to look into software patches, antivirus programs, drive encryption, or create a completely independent division that controls and supervises BYOD tools. Fortunately, there is no need to get a host of security solutions, software or programs to guard your documents. As a matter of fact, over 70% of attacks that take place in small and medium enterprises could have been easily avoided buying implementing basic security measures.

Here are 5 crucial steps in ensuring data security for your organisation.

1. Ensure That All Your Employees/Team Have Strong Passwords For Their Accounts.

E-mail accounts are constantly intruded by hackers around the world and across e-mail providers. Sensitive information, contacts and other critical data are often stolen by these hackers thus rendering the account invalid for the user. One of the best ways of drastically improving security on your e-mail accounts is to enhance the strength of your passwords and add mobile numbers to corroborate your identity. Create a long password that contains a number of symbols and digits. Employ a phrase that is only relevant to you, and create password recovery options in the event that you forget your password. It is well worth the time and effort taken to do these things to ensure that your company account is not compromised.

2. Protect Your Browser Details.

Other than creating a solid password, you also need to ensure that your web browsing is protected against malicious adware and other insidious programs. Malware enters computers through subtle web applications that can wreak havoc on your confidential data. When accessing the Internet from any device, especially one that contains company information, always remember to use an HTTPS connection.

3. Personalise Security Settings On The Router.

If you have purchased a router for your company, you need to change its default settings. Passwords and login information that comes along with the router are extremely easy to hack into as these default factory details can be broken by software such as Backtrack.

4. Do Not Install Software Automatically.

Over 70% of malware downloaded on various computers are through automatic plugins which immediately start running files without requesting authorisation from the user. It is important to disable this feature known as AutoRun or Autoplay in order to minimise the risk of unintended data loss.

5. Secure Information, Not Devices.

Most business information these days are accessed through smart phones, laptops, computing tablets and similar such mobile devices that are the personal property of an employee. The issue with such devices is that the data is usually accessed outside the company network, even if it might be for the purposes of business. Doing so opens your company to a whole new world of data theft or loss, in the event that any of these devices get misplaced or hacked into. Instead of securing devices, which is highly impractical and absurdly expensive, it makes far more business sense to protect data with the help of an information centric security system. Document security solutions such as LockLizard are highly effective in securing documentation, irrespective of the devices that it might be on. In addition, it gives the manager the ability to monitor and safeguard these documents, no matter where they are located. Applying protection on the information is a highly secure and cost-effective way of safeguarding sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.



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