The ultimate thing about search engines online is the fact that it keeps on changing. It is probably the most dyanamic part of the online world. The big picture of SEOs might not change, but the different details can alter every year, or in months as well. It keeps evolving with respect to what the requirements of the people are. Keeping that in mind, let’s put some of the predictions for 2014 in a list here:




Google has been the authorizing factor for quite some years now and will continue to be so as expected in the coming year as well. You will be tied with a Google+ account on a website application online. With the consistent indirect promotion for Google plus, authotship has gathered the maximum importance. Make yourself known for a niche and increase your chances of ranking much better. Collate all your written and published peices under one authorship for verifying your worth.

Better Information

Google will be more structured when it comes to the data that would improve the worth of their SERPs. Be it useful information of the content or a start ranking, Google is right there on the driving seat. The more you follow the rights schemes; you are likely to be on their start rankings for providing information of the content.

In-Depth Articles


Released in August 2013, Google has started to give out information about the consideration of factors on being in the spot in SERPs. This is what it means to be qualitative rather than quantitative. The goal for most webmasters on the internet is to get one of the three spots on a page. Your content has always been the priority, but shorter write ups are not going to work really well. Its about quality and the depth to which your content makes sense. Bigger, more meaningful articles full of visuals and video logs are going to rule the roost. Supporting info graphical information and curated ideas for better communication are the focus henceforth!

No Keywords

In case you are not aware of it yet, Google has decided to stop showing every incoming information of keyword in analytics. There are other sources of information like the workarounds, still Google is planning to harp less on keywords this time. This trend can be expected to continue for quite some time. The keywords only tend to make content stuffed with illogical wordings just for the bots, thus killing the finesse of a nicely structured article. In one way or the other, it does affect the quality of a write up, which is no way is what google and the readers want!

No Pagerank

The Pagerank on Google remains un-updated since the months of February 2013 which is a long period of time and it seems this is a subtle declaration that there is going to be none this year. This is one of the most important factors that is likely to change the course of SEO in 2014 since an yearly update or stopping the use of web metric all at once is a huge step. Although this was anticipated and most SEO analysts have been saying for a while that not a lot depends on the page rank anymore.

The above list shows a few trends and the obvious one being a shift from quantity towards quality to continue without a doubt. The biggest trend is the approach towards cleaning up the web by getting rid of spam content and making it a less viable option. Only those who are knowledgeable about the internet are at lesser risks here.

Richard Gayle

Richard Gayle

Richard Gayle is an avid blogger and loves to engage on various <a href="">guest blogging services</a> challenges. He is currently a contributor for various large magazines, he also works for a <a href="">gun belt</a> manufacturer as a freelancer pro-gun activist.
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