This is one of the most usual scenes, which people are seen getting trapped with when they have to edit anything in their scanned images. However, those who do not know about can call this as a daunting task, but never mind, you have certain smart ways of making things better for you. This can be done with the help of a software tool called Optical Character Recognition or the OCR tool. With the use of OCR technology, you can easily convert the scanned JPEG file into the recognised text or word document format, which makes the content editable allowing making the necessary changes in it. Make sure you choose the right OCR technology based tool, which can help in doing the things right.  The software tool should be able to easily convert the image into word or text file with the same graphic layout, hyperlinks and other things intact. The below is the list of steps, which can help in Convert JPEG to Word, let’s check them out:


The first step- Download the OCR tool

If your PC or laptop is not having the said OCR software tool then you need to download the same at your computer followed by installing the same over it. Find out the right place to download the same and get the exe file over your PC as per your operating system (Win or Mac) you use in it. By simply clicking it over the exe file for twice, you end up getting the installation done. In case, if you have this software in your PC, you can simply skip this step and jump straight to the second step.

The second step- Enable the OCR feature

Once you get the software at your PC, you are now required to enable the feature called the OCR, which will allow you to do convert the image into the word file. You just have to drag and then drop the image, which requires the changes taking the same into the editable word format. While doing so, make sure you choose the right language from the pop up for the scanned image followed by clicking the same via enabling the OCR button.


Step three- Choosing the output (word) format

Over the software you have for this task, you are not supposed to check on the output format, which is found over the drop down menu list of the software. The list has options like Word, Power Point, Text, Excel, HTML, Epub, etc. Since you want in editable word format, you would choose the MS word option. Now click over the settings button in order to find out the output from the said list. Now, simply select the format under the output format for the forthcoming output documents.

Step four – Converting the image into editable word file

In this step, you are supposed to click over the button called convert to see the software converting the image into editable word format. This would simply work in few minutes and soon you would get the chance to edit in the image without any hassle or issue.


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