The social media frenzy began early on in 2006 when Facebook started becoming the most popular website in the world. The prime idea was to connect people around the world through the internet and enable a fast exchange of information.

As its popularity grew, many businesses saw the opportunity to jump in and seize the advantage. What was once a website made for people who wanted to communicate with each other is now a website for businesses that want to communicate with us.


So, with 2013 flying by in light speed, many exciting trends in social media marketing await us in the new 2014, here are the top 7:

Mandatory Investment in Social Media

Social Media

Throughout the year of social media evolution, many businesses managed to evade it, and with success. Sticking to good old-fashioned marketing trends proved favorable to many. Besides, many companies didn’t even sell products that could be marketed on Facebook, so it was in the nature of the business to look for advertising elsewhere.

The year 2013 already proved that social media marketing was a huge advantage, and I believe that in 2014, every company will need to have their name advertised online.

Statistics stands as evidence. Companies know that numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that the impact of social media necessarily leads to an increase in profit. The basic step here is integrating content strategy with social media strategy, a move that will surely be done by all who have opposed this marketing style thus far.

The Importance of Google+


Google+ is steadily catching up to Facebook when it comes to the monthly number of users. But it’s doing more than just that. It’s evolving into more than just a social networking platform. Now it plays a crucial role in Google’s SEO scheme, as well as in personalizing search results, demographics, and social signals.

We know how SEO is important to websites that want a strong online presence. This is the main reason why Google+ will become incredibly important in planning a successful online marketing strategy.

Let’s not forget the importance of Google Authorship which has a great impact on search results and uses Google+ as the enforcer. Any company that wants to be ranked high on Google’s search results will have to succumb to Google+.

Image-based Networks will Rise


Websites such as Tumblr and Pinterest are based solely on images, and this method has proven to be extremely popular not only in 2013, but in previous years as well. Visual content is easier to digest and many businesses will greatly benefit from this style of advertising.

Retailers around the world sell products that demand little to no text whatsoever. A fashion industry, for example, will benefit greatly from publishing images of clothing online and letting the customers do the rest.

Micro-Video based Social Media


Now that we covered images, it’s time to move on to video marketing, especially micro-video. Although this new type of video-sharing feature hasn’t yet shown a clear impact on online marketing, it would be unwise to ignore it completely.

Websites that were based on short text messages, such as Twitter, are now moving on to even shorter videos. Twitter’s feature allows only 6 seconds of video to be shared. Whether or not this is enough, only time will tell.

The Fall of Foursquare


Already showing struggles in 2013, Foursquare won’t be doing much better in 2014 and will probably decline in its entirety.

Although interesting to many at first, Foursquare didn’t offer much to hold everyone’s attention for a long period of time. The main feature is location based. Users are allowed to check-in to numerous locations and venues while sharing that information with others on the web.

My Space will Grow

images (6)

Once on the verge of oblivion, MySpace has shown impressive results in 2013 and will grow even bigger in 2014. It seems that smartphone apps were a salvation to MySpace, they now allow users to listen to music, communicate and more through an app on their phone.

They probably won’t rise to the same heights as Facebook and Twitter, but will remain constantly visited by bands and music lovers, allowing music industries to move in on and take command.

LinkedIn will become crucial for B2B growth


LinkedIn proved to be a top ranking site among professionals looking for business opportunities, and they haven’t stopped expanding. With their new Influencers program, they moved into content creation and curation.

The business-to-business will now have even more reason to use LinkedIn and will attract many more users as well.


Kartina writes about creative marketing, small business promotional trends, digital marketing and social media marketing. This article was inspired by social media strategies and trends to promote your business the best way possible.



Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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