Sometimes i Wish I Could be a little kid again….


kids chasing

So When life goes tough, you can just play pretend.. I wana go back to when Santa Did exist.. When your Daddy was the only Boy you ever kissed.. When disney was the best place to be.. When only Movies you could see were rated G.. When ur biggest problem was learning to write your name and people didnt change.. And ur friends were the same.. And every time u were sad or had a baby day. You could just Run to ur momand it would all be ockey.. I wana go back to no hurt and no pain.. just laughter.. Where everyone Always lives Happily Ever After.


About the Author: Puja is part time blogger ,writer in global based isues and is studying From IGNU. She loves writing,researching and learning



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2 thoughts on “Sometimes i Wish I Could be a little kid Again

  1. Hi Puja,
    Life is beautiful, I do understand the real value of life with help of this such a life based article. I appreciate your kinds words. I wish to be a kid again in life & wanna live best part of life 🙂

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