Reading is back in style since the arrival of the tablets. The possibility of reading favourite books and magazines as well as storing all of them in the same device immensely helped the popularity of the tablet. Thanks to the new Sony tablet now you are free to use your tablet in the swimming pool or the Jacuzzi as well.
The 10.1 inch tablet with a thickness of mere 6.9mm believed to be the thinnest on the market. It is about 1.09 pounds in weight which is incredibly light weight for a tablet but it is built very sturdy. The unit is powered by a quad-core 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. There are slight modifications done to the operating system to further enhance the user experience.


The display and the viewing experience of the tablet considered to be quite impressive. High definition reality display offers razor sharp, bright display that is quite equal to a high definition television. The revolutionary technology provides a wide range of colour gamut that reproduces life like images. The still images as well as moving images will bring you the life like images that will assure a comprehensive viewing experience.

The acclaimed Mobile BRAVIA engine technology had been improved as the Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 and boasts about giving even better visual experience. The new real-time contrast optimisation is a feature that was added to this tablet that controls sharpness enhancement, high quality and colour management. This technology also has the ability to analyse content type and change the image accordingly.

While most tablets are used as a book reader, web browser, music player as well as a movie player. While the Sony tablet does what any ordinary tablet can do, when it comes to viewing photos and movies the image quality is something that cannot be compared to the crisp image quality of the tablet. With the contrastenhancement the images are enhanced by making the darkest areas of the image lightly darker so it can retain the details of the image. The colour saturation is increased for selected colour ranges so the colours appear deeper and vivid. When humans are portrayed, the mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 software skin tones that are quite closely to what the naked eye captures.

The common complaint of distorted images from streaming online videos also has been addressed in this tablet. Noise is reduced to individual as well as between the frames to enhance the viewing pleasure. This is a very useful feature since most tablet users prefer to watch the online movie clips using the tablet instead of the phone.

All in all Sony has introduced a tablet that can compete with the fellow tablets and it sure has its unique advantages. The tablet being light weight and the thinnest available in the market is one great advantage it enjoys. Most tablet users wish to keep the unit with them when they are on the go. Hence the new Sony tablet really got the attention from the possible tablet buyers.

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