Xperia smartphones are hitting the shelves more frequently than any other giants out there. The Sony Xperia Z3 has just hit the shelves weeks ago and now people are already looking out the next immediate flagship, jeez! There’s nothing wrong with this though, because Sony has been releasing two flagships each year for quite a long time now that raises peoples’ expectation bar. The Xperia Z3 had just been released and the safest time to expect another flagship to arrive should be around the middle of next year, 2015.


While we are busy here preparing a wish list for the Xperia Z4, there are rumors raging around for an Xperia Z3X sort of thing. This phone would be having a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4 GB of RAM and a stunning 2K display. Consider it a major upgrade to the Xperia Z3!

Sony Xperia Z4 Release Date

The Sony Xperia Z2 was released on February 2014 on Mobile World Congress of this year. The next year’s MWC is due on March, 2015. If the trends go right and Sony sticks to the same mindset, then this rumored Xperia Z4 might show up on Sony’s unveiling event stage only a few months away from now. We are simply guessing when the Z4 will turn up. With the Z3 just being announced and released it is difficult to assume the next flagship release date but not impossible.

Capturing 4K Video – The Sony Style!

When the 4K technology was in motion, Sony was one of the first companies to set it in track. They were one of the pioneers to bring it to the market as well. Now the next big step is to bring 4K video capture to the mass people and that could be so effectively done if the Xperia smartphones could record 4K videos.

That is going to happen very soon. With the improved imaging sensors, better lens than ever and 64 bits processing capability of the latest Snapdragon processor; capturing a 4K video in such a handheld device is no more a possibility but a reality! While many other phones are already capable of 4K video shoot, Sony would definitely bring something special. After all, Sony would be doing it the Sony style!

QHD Display

4K video capturing won’t just be complete enough unless there is a capable display as well. Putting a 4K display in a flagship might turn out to be very costly, so Sony might just cut the cost half and equip some QHD display in their next Sony Xperia Z4 flagship.

And Sony should be doing this at their earliest possible scope because the 1080p display on Xperia Z3 was very disappointing.

Shrinking down the bezels by the sides will almost add the highest level of charm to this handset.

Camera with Better Low Light Capability

Almost every camera in the market out there survives through strong light. Overcoming this hurdle means the phone’s camera must perform magnificent during low light photo shoots! There must not be very prominent grains; neither the image can turn out jittery. We are hopeful about Sony’s ability of doing it. Speaking of figures and measurements, it’s around 20 megapixels. The front camera will sport a wide aperture lens for better self-portraits aka selfies.

Processing Power

Xperia Z3 was a minor upgrade over the Z2 in terms of hardware specifications. Sony won’t make it good if the processor architecture is not 64 bit! However, expect a 4 GB RAM alongside whatever processor they put in it.


After buying a Sony smartphone, it soon gets so attached to your life. Especially life-logging with the camera and spending some alone quality time with the music just get deep down into your soul that you can’t let it go. With the Sony Xperia Z4, the experience turns greater and better!


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