With so many things to look forward to in the world of nifty smartphones, we’re in for a grand year-end encore by several major manufactures. Sony are no doubt on a roll, and a mission to steadily dominate, with the success the latest incarnations in the Xperia series are seeing. But all eyes are on the launch-pad again, as leaks and renders of yet another top-draw Xperia appear online. The anticipated ‘Honami’ Xperia i1 is in all probability just a month away from release. Rumored technical specifications are very appetizing, as was the case with early Xperia models. Let’s take a look, in good faith, at what this next top of the line Android smartphone will have to offer.

The Xperia i1 will have the fastest clocked chipset in the series, sporting the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.2ghz. Running the latest Android operating system off the shelf, this will be a significant leap in performance. The i1 will probably be able to take on the most demanding multi-thread applications.  In addition, leaked specs confirm at least 2 gigabytes of RAM to be included. With Google’s update to Android 5.0 just ahead, the phone’s power-house capabilities couldn’t come at a better time for Sony.

Sony Xperia i1

The Xperia series includes phone with some of the best user-rated cameras, and High-definition video recording capabilities. The i1 will come equipped with a very potent twenty-megapixel camera, and full 1080p HD features (and is even fondly expected to be the first in the world to off 4k video recording). On the front will be an Xmor R armed, two megapixel secondary camera. Coupled with the phone’s 5 inch display, the camera alone will put the phone on the radar for many as part of a convenient digital media suite.

Although concrete facts about the Xperia i1 are still on the rise, it’s other anticipated specifications are just as impressive. Internal storage is placed at 16Gb, and expandable memory is likely very large, and in the territory of modern tablets. Two gigabytes of RAM will complement the beastly processor, and it is likely to utilize a graphics processor far superior to the ones in the current flagship. 4G networking and the new sensation of NFC technology will be available, as will regular WiFi.

Sony have built a reputation for acceptable to superior build quality, and, if the trends of the Xperia Series high-end smartphones are follow, the i1 will be dust and water resistant. The i1 appearing in leaked photos doesn’t seem to deviate much from Sony’s current hard angled body design, and will be only distinguishable by its larger screen.

Sony Xperia i1

There is luckily a very short time before all questions about the new flagship is answered. Sony’s announcements in Berlin in September are eagerly expected. The Xperia i1 is all set to make a straight entry into top marker sales. Today’s fast paced production lines keep redefining their all-the-bells-and-whistles models, but it is clear that this phone will be rank as the best one to have, amongst plenty of competition.



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