It is never easy to make a smart phone.  On the top of that when it comes to create a smash hit version the task becomes more challenging. In the present time almost all leading mobile companies starting from Apple to Samsung are launching their Smartphone and absorbing a great market share. Yet there are a number of companies who have engaged themselves in Smartphone building still why only Apple and Samsung are leading the list is a question. Besides the brand name these two companies know the correct strategies to lead the market. And now here it is to help the handset purveyors to know more about the story behind the sensation of Smartphone. First of all Strategy is very important to run a device successfully in the market.


STRATEGY: It is very important for the companies who are thinking of launching Smartphone in the upcoming season and for the fresher as well to be a little patient. Since already few companies are ruling over the market with great success it is not easy to beat them shortly. The overnight success of Apple with its original iPhone is a glitch and truly it is really too tough to replicate it. At the initial time when Samsung launched Galaxy S in the market it has a s so future mainly because of the brand name. But then gradually with iteration it took a stand to the consumer. For a new handset maker it is always better to follow slow but steady movement. Expecting an immediate success may cause disappointment. Having the roper knowledge about the market demand, competition and strategy it is good for a new company to launch there Smartphone set or else the result can be a big loss.

SPECIFICATION: A Smartphone is always a fascination to the mobile users and mainly to the phone freaks. True that people like to use trendy set with handsome features. But while making a Smartphone the companies should rather concentrate on the consumers’ demand and install the features that will make the set user friendly.  Cramming the phone with fashionable features and make a shimmering hardware may give a short term profit but it is tough to hold the stand if the set is not user friendly. Companies should always remember that whatever is the issue the main goal is to satisfy the customers and therefore accurate anticipation is very important.

SOFTWARE: A number of manufacturers believe that it is easy to get away by the means of an elder edition of Android. It works for certain mass market Smartphone but the strategy may fail for the particular flagship gadget. Whenever making a Smartphone every manufacturer put in their secret sauce all over their Android set. For example you can look upon HTC‘s model in which it has installed Sense user interface or Samsung that offers Touchwiz. It is always to follow the “less is more” policy while making Smartphone since stuffing up the phones with heavy and complicated features not only marsh down the phone but also opt for complaints mostly from the hardcore Android lovers.

SUPPORT FROM CARRIERS: Support from carrier is something that can make the future of a handset. It can either make the launch a grand success or may break its carrier totally. It is good for a set if its carrier come to a decision to place a Smartphone as the flagship product. For the most time the consumer prefers to shop from a carrier store rather than a retailer who are gradually come in the stream of Smartphone vendors.

SLICK MARKETING: Marketing support is the key of success of any product. It is impossible for a product even to stand in the market without if it does not have the market support. There are examples like HTC that could not successfully run in the market although its product One X was gravely admired.  On the other hand Samsung’s Galaxy III came out as a blockbuster hit only because of the campaigning and the advertisement the company did behind it.

These are the magic keys for the success of the Smartphone and are secret actually. Still there re a lot of companies who doesn’t follow these steps and so facing tremendous struggle to settle on.



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