Strategies followed in creating back links have proved to be successful in diverting maximum traffic to any website. It is through back links otherwise known as follow links which makes any visitor interested in the product or services to visit the relevant website. Placing back links in relevant and well established websites in the niche will divert traffic in large numbers which will result in the search engines indexing the popularity of the website and rank it higher in the ranking list.



Using Twitter in creating back links


Twitter is a social networking site which has gained immense popularity and has the largest number of fans where different individuals endeavor to find out about the current affairs on which the person is interested. Creating a back link on Twitter will provide you the advantage of being followed by large number of fans who are following great players who are in your niche and falling upon your link appearing in an appealing content.


Slideshare helps to bring more targeted customers to any website


Slideshare is an ideal media through which presentations, pdfs and documents can be shared with large number of viewers who are genuinely interested in the kind of product or services and are able to download relevant information. It is a community which is vibrant and professional where contents and comments go instantly viral on becoming shared through Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. It helps in generating large number of leads which increases visitors to the website and become indexed by major search engines.


Upload your pics in Pinterest


Attractive pictures demonstrating the business activity and clearly sending a strong message to the viewers have always attracted interested visitors to any website. Pinterest is a social media which provides great advantage in your attractive pictures being noticed by large number of viewers and follow your link to enter your website. These are the targeted customers who have every possibility to become buyers. Posting the right kind of pictures on blogs and forums which will create interest among viewers is most important. This will bring large number of visitors to your site and in short time the website will reach higher ranks in the listing pages.


Guest blogging

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Guest blogging has been one of the most successful ways to project any website to viewers most widely. Creating back links in these guest blogs will attract large number of viewers to the website who are genuinely interested in the activities and are eager to gather more information on their interested niche. The structure of the back links should be attractive where only relevant keywords should be used. Here Google Analytics will play an important role where you can structure the back link so as to be noticed by viewers who will be eager to follow it to the website. Creating back links is benefit with its cost effective nature and is the most successful way to bring more targeted customers to your website.




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