When it comes to traveling outdoors, especially in military or survival circumstances, it is very crucial that you are always on time.

Having a quick look at a watch is much easier than trying to pick your phone from the pocket, which may from time to time need to be kept in a far place or even switched off for security purposes.

I have reviewed all the great features of this military watch in this article so that you can discover more about it. If you love wearing military watches, you have to go for the best watches for military purposes, though outdoor activities require you to have the best tactical watches.

This article has some useful information that you use to evaluate the features before you buy this watch for your outdoor pursuits.

G Series Stylish Watch


G-Shock Rangeman Master comes with a solar-powered battery, so there is no worry of replacing exhausted batteries and you will even be comfortable all the time because it won’t stop working.

Provided that you expose this watch in an open place for sunlight, it will continuously recharge itself. Apart from its useful information, I was pleased by this durable watch as I have never replaced its battery.

With this solar-powered rechargeable system, you will be certain to use this watch for more than five months without any exposure to solar energy the moment it’s fully charged.

G Series Stylish Watch


The inbuilt barometer will make you familiar with the weather during the course of the day, thus makes you prepared for any weather condition. The barometer keeps on checking the prevalent outdoor weather conditions.

Whether the sun is shiny or dark clouds are up to the sky, you will be alerted so that you can strategize yourself as soon as possible.

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You will tell if you crave for a safe position to shelter away from coming rains in addition to knowing what types of clothes to put on or carry for your outdoor adventure.

G Series Stylish Watch

Shock Resistor Sensors

The inbuilt triple sensor detects the altitude, air pressure as well as temperature. It also comes with shock-absorbing features meaning that you participate in the most jeopardizing missions without spoiling your watch.

G-Shock Rangeman Master comes with a sensor button that is regularly used for this watch. Thus, it is protected by a metal cover which also acts as a dust coat to prevent dirt and small particles from reaching the delicate sensors.

Last but not least, a sensor screen will allow you to gain access to different sensor modes.

G Series Stylish Watch

Direction Reading

On the top surface of this watch is a digital compass with date and time displayed clearly. The compass fixed to this wristwatch will make sure that you are moving in the appropriate direction.

This feature is great especially when you are pursuing an unusual position outdoors. This watch comes with a chronograph, a feature that enables you to point your follow a safe and accurate direction up the mountain or down the valley.

It allows you to follow the direction of your route in advance without asking your friends or using any experience of the area.

G Series Stylish Watch


This watch has an auto-led backlight function. For hunting or military adventures, it is of great essence to be silent and unnoticed. The rear led light will make you see the screen better and not expose light when a dark background is set making you safe during such.

The LED light guarantees that you can monitor the display flawlessly every time. As the daylight starts to disappear, there is no need to worry as the automatic backlit LED lights will start functioning.

G Series Stylish Watch


  1. Comes with an auto-led backlight.
  2. Easy to Use.
  3. Easy to Navigate.
  4. Good overall look.
  5. Durable.

G Series Stylish Watch


  1. Quite unpleasant display.
  2. Expensive.

Final Judgment

When looking for Best Tactical Watch, G-Shock Rangeman Master should always appear in your mind. This is because it comes with a lot of useful and unique features as well the latest technologies required for the modern tactical watch.

For someone who devoted most of his or her time to military missions, or outdoors, this watch is of great significance. Buying this high-quality hand device will make you experience more fun and features in addition to being more steadfast. This watch is of great significance as it can also save your life.

G Series Stylish Watch

If you by this time have a watch or related device that you’ve been using for several years but you really want a watch with upgraded features, then try replacing it with G-Shock Rangeman Master tactical watch today.



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