The best way to preserve a moment forever is by clicking it and putting it in a frame. Yes, you guessed it right I am talking about cameras. The advancement in technology has not only made life easy but also convenient. Photography for instance is no more just for professionals, people of every age seem to take an equal interest in is and indulge it. I think it is because of the ability that a camera has, it can freeze a moment. Here are a few cameras that you can choose from to add a little more life the beautiful moments that you wish to cherish for life. These options have been selected only to make your search for a camera that fits you better.

The first camera on the list is Sony Cyber-shot RX 100. The camera comes with a manual mode which explains the way the camera works. It has a sensor compact which 1 inch. This helps in capturing beautiful images. It is expensive but if you are into making an investment for a lifetime, this is very durable buy. The other alternative to RX 1. This one has a sensor which is full frame. This is an alternative for people who would really like to splurge. On the other hand the feature of RX 100 include optical zoom which is 3.6x. It can click 330 pictures at one go…

The other camera which you can opt for is Samsung MV900F. It has the unique feature of flip up for the display of self portrait. The recently launched models of the set have 16.3 megapixel sensors. The 3.3 inch panel adds to the camera being a good buy. The newly launched models have been improved from the previous models of the same camera.

The Cannon PowerShot SX 160 IS is a 16 megapixel camera. It is said to provide an outstanding quality when it comes to the image. It can work with AA batteries making it usable abroad. It is known for its functionalities. It has an LCD screen which is 3 inch, it is not quick with taking snaps but the quality of picture compensates for it. The camera has got beautiful reviews for its functionality. It also has a flash which is pop-up. The camera is quite light and is easy to handle. These features make it a perfect buy for people who want to try their hands in photography.

The Olympus PEN models are here to stay. It provides focus which is super fast. The LCD is enabled with touch screen facilities. The screen makes a better bet than most other cameras because of the better self portrait facility. It has a design that is compact. It is also available at a relatively lower price. The other camera in the series with almost identical features in some aspects is Micro Four Thirds which has ILCS. It easily impresses the buyer with its looks. It has a resolution of 460ok-dot/ this is quite an eye catcher.

You can choose from Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 and Sony Alpha NEX-6. Both these set have really good LCD screen. The both are good with their functionalities. While the former is 16 megapixels, the later is 16.1 megapixels. The later has an auto focus which has been improved. The formal is said to be able equipment for freezing beautiful images in frame. The Panasonic camera is however for users who have a very strong knowledge of the ways to use a camera. The controls work efficiently and effectively. Both the camera is a pinch in the pocket but them worth the price. They both leave the user satisfied with their quality of images.

The Sony Alpha A99 is an SLR is an RX1 which is said to have a full frame compact. The is quite expensive and for the majority of population the mirror less models do the series will suffice. It has the translucent mirror technology. This only makes one want to own the camera. The very technology on which the camera works make is having a faster autofocus. It is light weight and hence can be carried around as per requirement. It is an A league camera in every sense of the word. One should definitely aim towards owning one of these fine works of technology.



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