It started out as a rumor then turned out to be everything the rumor described. Samsung galaxy S4 mini was released on 20th June this year, and it has been a perfect match for its older brother, Samsung S4. The phone’s specs, however, happened to have been released earlier on, but the phone itself could not be released until it was launched on the same date.


Samsung S4 mini is a powerful devise that aims at the people who don’t need to be at the edge of a tool’s blade, but would still want a devise that bests suits the function. Consequently, the phone bears a close resemblance to all the striking features of a Samsung S4; but devoid of the LED notification at the sides of the ear-piece. It even goes a step higher by sharing all the top notch specifications of the Samsung S4. It weighs 107g, has a 4.3in AMOLED display; and can be compared to its counterpart, Samsung S4, that weighs 130g and has a 5in super AMOLED display. The device runs on a 1.7 GHZ processor and a 4.2.2 version of android operating system. The special features includes the built-in internal memory of 8 GB, and a supported external memory of 64 GB via a micro SD slot.

The phone did not leave out all the features that favor photography. It has an 8 mega-pixel of rear camera and a 1.9 mega-pixel of front camera. Likewise, it has the entire suite of Samsung photography applications, together with other Samsung’s applications such as the travel, translation and the television remote tool. The phone appears in either black or white color and supports 3G, 4G and a dual Sim, just like the Samsung S4. This comes pertinent with the dual band wi-fi and blue-tooth 4.0 connections. On the contrary, its resolution might not be as vibrant as that of Samsung S4, but the quality of the image produced is still incredible.

The model has attracted vast array of accessories with the Bluetooth headphones being more profound. These blue-tooth headphones are versed in styles and designs, and a proponent of the gadget is far-fetched to have an arrayed range of headphone options to choose from. These includes the wireless stereo headphones, the universal blue-tooth headphones adapter and the HI-FI blue-tooth headphones with FM radio. The latest news is about the water resistant blue-tooth head phones, that are trending in different styles and designs. The wire headphones work well with the Samsung’s self-sealing handset jack, which remains open all the time while deterring dirt particles from getting into the interior of the handset. The technology behind the handsets ensures that, when the headphones gets jacked off, the port gets sealed from the inside.


One can also protect the Samsung S4 mini, or the Samsung S4 using the different cellphone covers that are availed in the market. These covers are availed in different styles, colors and shapes that can suit anyone’s predilection. The differential ranges of Samsung S4 cases includes the silicon cases, holsters, leather sleeves, hard shells, as well as the leather pouches and the belt clips. These cases protect the handsets from scratches, and the latest vogue in Samsung S4 cases allows the handsets to stand out among the rest. The colors too are varied, and the latest trends allows you to only cover their screens using the cell phone covers; if you prefer to have them in their original cases.

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