You may think that fashion trends are a fickle social beast, but social media trends are even worse. What was hot yesterday could be totally out by the end of the week and to keep in the know, it’s important to keep your eye on the ball as to what the latest trends are in social media. And even though your job might not be in a field that has a direct impact from social media, it is still very important that you keep up to date with what is going on around you.

Twitter interaction with celebrities

Twitter interaction

Twitter used to be a place where people would be able to watch in their favorite celebrities and see what they are up to, monitoring their every thought. But it seems this trend has taken a bizarre step forward – with hoards of public fans communicating with celebs on a day to day basis, chatting to them about their dogs, hair and weather like they are their neighbor.

You Tube TV Shows


YouTube are now hosting TV shows, a concept where before viewers could only get a sneak peak or a trailer. Now viewers are able to watch everything from beginning to end, although they are subjected to mass advertising at the beginning of the show and during the episode. Although there is no charge involved, the constant advertising must be irksome.

Market Research on Facebook 


There is probably no more powerful social medial market research tool in the world at the moment as the platforms made available by Facebook. Companies, newsrooms and friends list are exchanging information, referrals and getting opinions by the use of polls and a basic question and answer forum. Its free and it’s an enthusiastically supported concept.

Social Media Shopping


The e-com industry is experiencing an unparalleled boom a certain revolution and the social media page is doing a lot to support that. Small businesses, crafters and home industries are using social media pages to upload inventory and get customers by showcasing their storefronts for the world to see. Judging by the popularity of this trend it must be working extremely well.

Online Entertainment 


Social media sites are the primary reason people are logging on to their computers every day – they use them for entertainment and alleviation of boredom. So instead of slouching on the couch in front of the TV they are logging on to see what it the latest news, what’s going on with their friends and looking for places to shop, interact and programs to watch.

Professional Profiles

Professional Profiles

It has become quite an accepted concept for social media users to have professional profiles on various sites in order to boost their reputation ratings. It is also not uncommon for professional people to have dual social media accounts – one for their personal use and another for their professional profile. This way people can keep their weekend antics to themselves among friends and have a slick, professional social media feed that will help them boost their business and professional profiles.

You Tube Stars


Many home movies, aspiring singers and actresses are able to upload their home made documentaries, amateur TV shows and one man ban extravaganzas for all the world to see – for no cost at all. This way, hardly-known rising stars are able to get some serious exposure that they would never have normally had access to. It is a well known fact that worldwide mega super star Justin Bieber – love him or hate him, in terms of worldwide social media followers he is in the lead by eons – had his start on You Tube, posting homemade videos of him singing his songs. And in a very short space of time has soared to popularity like almost never seen before.

National Emergencies via Twitter

gv Day14_Megantic

Never before has the world been so close, and been able to stay in touch and keep up to date by the minute like it is able to today. In terms of national and world wide emergencies the world is able to get real time, live coverage of events as they unfold in the world; enabling people and communities to get the help and support they need much faster and much better than before. People who would never before be praised as heroes for saving people are celebrated and people are able to let their families know they are safe using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to help them do so.


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