Most workplaces have several pendrives laying around at any one time, and the little USB sticks are certainly handy for keeping your files on, and for moving them around. However, there are many uses for pendrives that you may not have even thought of, making them essential equipment for any business. Here are just a few uses for those spare pendrives:

Backing up

If you have staff who work remotely or from home, they will have laptops full of important files. Although your own network is no doubt protected and backed up, it’s important that staff keep a copy of their locally stored files. This could include:

• Word documents
• Images
• E-mails and contacts
• Spreadsheets
• PDFs
• Specialist documents

computer back-up


Pendrives are available in a wide range of sizes, and their storage abilities are always increasing, so make sure your staff get into a habit of using their pendrive to back everything up on a daily or weekly basis.


use pendriv as ram

If you are trying to run lots of high memory programs on one PC or laptop, you may find you soon get lots of low memory warnings. However, you can use a pendrive as RAM, increasing the abilities of your computer. There are walk through online, and it’s easy to set up. The bigger capacity your pendrive has, the more you can speed up your PCs memory, and this has many applications in the design industry.

Create a bootable device


If you need to reinstall Windows or another operating system on a device without a CD drive, then using a pendrive as a bootable device is an easy way to do this. Just find a pendrive from a company such as Happy Office and follow the simple instructions. This trick is also used by those who like specialist operating systems, and want to have their favourite close to hand when working in new places.

Multimedia presentations


If you are visiting a client and need to make an impression, your pendrive is an essential piece of kit for presentations. Not only can you load it with your PowerPoint or other presentation slides, but you can use it to store music and video to really draw attention to yourself.

Some people also use their pendrive as a way to easily carry their music around for personal use. For example, if they’re going abroad, they can take their pendrive instead of lugging around their favourite CDs and simply plug it into a device with a USB.

Keeping information secure

If you have to move sensitive documents around, then a pendrive can be much more secure than paper files. Learn how to encrypt the files on a pendrive, and you can be assured that if the drive is lost your work is safe from prying eyes.

securing files

Sending out information

If you have a big product range that isn’t all on your website, then sending out a brochure is usually the best option, especially for specialist equipment. However, you can save on postage costs by adding your brochure in PDF format to a pendrive, then sending it to the client. You could even get the drives branded with your contact details, making them a great corporate gift that’s bound to be used again and again.


There are so many uses for pendrives, that they have become ubiquitous in all sorts of companies, from design and creative, to IT and technology. Because they give you such a simple way of transporting and backing up files, as well as giving you many technological capabilities, you’re bound to find uses for them in your business.

About the Author: Happy Office Supplies is a leading provider of stationery in the UK. They offer a range of adhesives, pads, envelopes, computer hardware, and business machines.

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