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Since the Eclipse car was discontinued in 2012, the original factory has restarted the name of Eclipse, which is used to symbolize the sporty characteristics of Eclipse Cross. In the face of fierce competition in many markets, Eclipse Cross still has stable sales of about 200 vehicles per month. Let’s take a look at its overall driving experience below.

The UMS system in the module has not been opened, which means that the new models deployed in many areas are not equipped with the UMS system, with only the ordinary front radar detection function. Mitsubishi is also providing relevant compensation for the owners who have already bought the car. In addition to the above differences, the new 2WD superior models are equipped with a 360-degree multi-mode panoramic image system, with a photographic lens mounted on the opening of the black tank cover at the front and the lower edge of the rearview mirrors on both sides of the body.


Another big difference in the new model is the deployment of double-layer acoustic insulation in the front window. Compared with the old single-layer glass, the wind sound will be smaller, which improves the quietness of the whole car.

The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross can switch among 4 kinds of image modes such as front, rear, panoramic view, and right side. When parking, there are also auxiliary lines to provide a driving reference. In addition, the display is clear and there is no obvious seam on the panoramic view. For people who are not used to drive SUVs, this is a big attraction to them.

As for the performance of the space part, the new model has not changed it. The luggage compartment volume is 344 to 488 liter. Limited by the cross-border shape, space may not be big on the same level. But Eclipse Cross still has a good level of space for rear-seat passengers. The dual-mode anti-pinch panoramic sunroof is a standard configuration in the 2018 Eclipse Cross 2WD charm type. In the new 2WD excellence type, it is canceled, upgraded with ACC, BSW, 360-degree panoramic image, and other configurations.

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In the past few years, smart technology and the automotive industry have become more and more closely connected. In addition to carrying intelligent systems, various smart technology modifications are relatively common, providing more intelligent convenience for our car life. The electric tailgate is a practical configuration that is necessary for many high-end cars. It is popular among car owners for its convenience and practicality, especially for female drivers.

If there is no electric tailgate in your car, you can modify it easily. With the one-button remote control, the trunk is intelligently open and closed. Even if you can not free your hands, you can gracefully control the tailgate. The user-friendly button layout of the Changyi electric tailgate receives lots of praise. Whether you are sitting in the car or standing at the rear of the car, the cab button and the tailgate manual button can open and close the tailgate. The user does not need to run around the car, and the operation can be completed anytime and anywhere. Much more interesting, you can customize the height of the tailgate. With such an intelligent tailgate, your driving alone will be easier

Compared with the market, the advanced active safety configuration is in line with the market trend. The 2019 Eclipse Cross has also improved in the dynamic part. The most important change is the AYC active curve dynamic control system which was originally only used in the S-AWC flagship model. It is lowered to the 2WD model and is reclassified as a standard for the entire car. Since the old models and the new models have not exceeded 5,000 kilometers, the two cars can be directly compared.


In the S-AWC model, it further enhances stability and safety through the distribution of the front and rear axle power output and the brake control of the left and right side wheels. Therefore, in terms of mechanical structure, the AYC system on the Eclipse Cross is not the same as the system of the 4th Generation Evolution. The Eclipse Cross is an open differential system, and there is no electronic front and rear axle limited-slip differential lock function like the EVO model. But even if the AYC system on Eclipse Cross is not the same as the EVO, the original factory still emphasizes its contribution to driving dynamics



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