Epson Printer

the ink level in the printer can help you avoid being caught off guard by unexpected low ink notifications or running out of ink at an emergency or important moment. The method for checking printer ink levels varies depending on the type of printer you have. By learning the method of checking the ink, level in different printer brands can help you plan.

Often people try to save money by buying from a local store. I am not saying that local stores aren’t authentic, but when you try to save money, you get a product similar to the amount you paid. Therefore, it is wise, to buy from an authentic retailer that also gives a warranty for printer and ink or toner.

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Checking Ink Level in Different Printer Brands

Epson Printer

Epson Printer

These printers include a built-in Status Monitor Utility that monitors the Epson ink quality of your printer. Depending on your device model, you may access this through the printer driver, via the starting menu, or home screen dashboard. You can see various error information like paper jams in here. However, if a cartridge is broken, the application will be unable to provide the correct ink level.

HP Printer

  • If you have a Windows desktop, you can download a tool called HP Print and Scan Doctor. This can help in troubleshooting and detecting any difficulties you may have with your printer.
  • Open the tool and select Printer/Supply Levels to check the ink and toner levels in your HP printer.
  • You can download HP Smart App to Windows 10, iOS, and Android. The HP ink level is displayed on the app’s home screen.

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Dell Printer

  • From your desktop’s control panel, you can check the ink levels of your Dell printer.
  • Go to hardware and sound > click on ‘see devices and printers’ > your printer > service tab > Dell ink level.


Brother Printer

  • If you have a Brother printer, you can check the ink level status either on the printer’s LCD screen or on your desktop control panel.
  • To find ink volume, simply click the link or ink management key on the printer.
  • With the Status Monitor Utility, you can access the ink status from a desktop.
  • The quickest way to accomplish this is to double-click the printer icon on your desktop’s task tray. This will indicate the color level of the ink.
  • If you are using a Mac, go to Macintosh and follow the steps below – HD/Library/Printers/Brother/Utilities.

Canon Printer

  • Turn on the Canon IJ Status Monitor > click on maintenance tab > view the ink level on the printer status screen.
  • For more information, click ‘ink detail,’ and you will get detailed info on how much ink is left in your Canon printer.

Always keep an eye on your printer’s ink or toner levels to see how much is remaining. Consider purchasing replacement cartridges before your ink or toner runs out. If the ink flow is low for a long time, it might dry out and block the nozzles.



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