No matter what business you are running, you’ll need to constantly get in touch with your clients in order to improve the quality of your services. Via email, over the phone or simply through in-store surveys, there are quite a few options for you to find out exactly what the public thinks of your company. Of course, there are certain methods that are more effective than others when it comes to improving your services over the telephone or in person. Here, we will look at a few of these and how they apply to any corporate operations in general.

Reviewing Written Communication

The information contained within any letters, emails and online chat offer you unique insight into your company’s performance. Of course, looking at a single written piece of correspondence won’t be enough. A better method is to collect all of these documents on a weekly or monthly basis, and then compile a report of the general findings. Unlike phone conversations, these documents can be easily examined to help you spot problem areas and enhance your customer service methods. The only downside is that someone will have to take the time to form these in-depth reports in the first place.

Ask for Feedback Directly

One of the simplest ways to give the public what they want is to ask them face-to-face. This can be done through in-store surveys or by calling your past clients up over the phone.You could even get your staff members to casually ask for suggestions or opinions once a transaction has been completed. Regardless of how you get this feedback though, you’ll then need to collect all of this information and collate it into a single report. After this, you can highlight strengths and weaknesses. This will then help point out the most effective methods of improvement.

Monitor Customer Phone Call

When it comes to talking to your clients over the telephone, there are several ways in which you can handle your correspondence. If you are experiencing an influx of calls, you can hire a telephone answering service to take care of these extra clients around the clock. In this way, you can deal with complaints or orders regardless of the time or the quantity of calls. You can also install a telephone recording device that monitors each conversation. This will then help you see whether anything can be optimised when it comes to boosting your levels of customer service over thephone.

Hire a Mystery Shopper

If you often deal with clients face-to-face, an excellent way to improve customer communication is to hire a mystery shopper. Armed with a checklist of important qualities, these specialists will know exactly what to look for when they enter your store. They can even be used to test out your staff telephone behaviour or email etiquette, giving you an in-depth report on how your company is perceived by the public. These individuals can be hired from any customer intelligence agency in your area and are well worth the additional cost.

Analyse the Statistics

One final way to optimise customer correspondence is to look at the numbers of your business. This can include aspects such as the ratio of in-store to over-the-phone sales, and the number of repeat customers you end up with. By looking at these types of statistics, you can see which forms of communication are more effective than others. They will also hopefully give you an idea of which areas need improvement so that you can then get in touch with the public through a number of means, all of which are as efficient as the next.

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