The Ultra books by Lenovo are the new fashion statement in town. The latest addition to the collection is Lenovo U310. It has a thickness of approximately 18mm. it does not taper down at any point. This feature has made it easier to have a few extra ports. It has an additional port known as the Ethernet port. The laptop has two well place USB3 ports. It has a 3.5 mm audio which helps to complete the entire selection. Apart from this it has HDMI and one USB which is a standard thing for every laptop. It also has an efficient card reader which is multi-format. All the points have been neatly and well placed around the body of the laptop. It is available in three colors at the moment, they are, blue, (graphite) grey and red 9in a very eye catching bright shade). All the different body colors of the laptop is stylish and in vogue. It has been priced 53,000 (fifty three thousand) approximately.


The body of the device namely the chassis and the lid of the device are made of aluminum. However, special care and attention has been allotted to make most of the body out of plastic. It is a smart pick as it has a very smart look about it. The minimal gloss or design pattern only adds a very simple sophistication to this model. The power button of the laptop is made out of aluminum.  The design is in keeping with the need of sophistication in its simplest form. The laptop is designed for excellence and it promises a very good working potential. The keyboard of the laptop has been made white in its color. The keyboard has keys in the pattern of chiclet. This is fine but the entire layout according to some has compromised in the process. The keys of navigation enter and backspace is comparatively smaller in size. They have also been placed in an unusual spot in the keyboard. This means the one using it has to get through some practice before they are able to work with complete control over the keypad. The keyboard also has a lot of flex. In this case the keyboard tray will end up manifesting when it is touched even in the slightest possible way. The placement of the keys can lead to lot of accidental typing or as one knows it, error min typing. One has to be careful with the keyboard. However, the looks of the keyboard has been designed in contrast to the basic body colors. This has been done to add an extra edge to the design of the laptop. The keyboard however has good display helping one to work efficiently and effectively ones they get used to the keys.


The laptop has touchpad which is excellent and has been praised by many tech savvy people. It is very responsive and is quite large; these two properties make it easy and workable. The texture has been designed in a way that is will rarely or almost never causes friction while in a working condition. It is very accurate with its responses making it a delight to word on the touchpad. The buttons are also very responsive. This almost compensates for the relatively small size of the keys. The display screen or the monitor of the laptop has screen space of 13.3”. The screen is provided with a backlight, this makes one focus on the screen and not on the surrounding. The laptop has an amazing resolution of 1,366X768. This is said to be the standard for most of the ultrabooks in this range, personally I think the resolution is quite good. The viewing angles are quite tight; this means one has to see the screen in a straight way to get a good quality of the image that is being displayed on the screen.

The image coating is glossy and this has been done precisely produce colors that are vivid in nature. The screen glare however cannot be reduced. This means one may not be able to see the display on screen in a very bright light. The tilt of the screen is reasonable so there should not be problem. However one has to sit directly facing the screen to get the best visual comfort while working on the laptop.



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