ASUS, which is Taiwan’s main computer manufacturer, recently unveiled a state of the art mobile device that can be stated as the worlds first three in one tablet, desktop computer and notebook. Also known as the Transformer Book Trio, it is powered by Intel’s latest 4th generation processors and runs on both Android and Window’s operating systems.

Tablet Computer by Asus

At first glance, this device can be visually quite similar to the Transformer Book but this time is consists of a 1080p, 11.6 inch screen. You can switch between operating systems by using a physical hotkey while the hotkey function will only work when it is latched into the keyboard dock. When you unplug the tablet, it will run Android Jelly Bean.

Let’s Check Out the Specifications

Since the Transformer Book Trio consists of dual operating systems, it offers you with a 4th generation core i7/i5 processor which powers the Windows 8 experience and an Intel Atom chip that handles Android Jelly Bean. Since there is a dual operating system, the device also consists of multiple batteries including a 33Wh cell and a 19.5Wh cell. Another excellent fact that adds up to the galore of specs includes the storage capacity. There is a 1TB Hard Disk Drive inside the dock and 64GB of flash storage inside the tablet.


It states that the ASUS Transformer Book Trio is an innovative state of the art combo of a tablet, notebook and desktop pc offering users the flexibility when it comes to work, play and social activity which is a must nowadays.

There are many conveniences when it comes to the ASUS Transformer Book Trio. It can be plugged to an external monitor while you can make use of it as a desktop PC. Since you can easily switch between the two operating systems, it gives you access to over 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store and over 50,000 apps in the Windows Store. With all the apps and activity, the device has been designed to smoothly transition between modes. This allows users to surf the web and even sync data when moving from tablet to notebook mode. The PC station also serves as a charger for the tablet making it the best deal for extended battery life. The device actually lives up to its name since it is very flexible.


According to customer reviews, the ASUS Transformer Book Trio is indeed an innovative step when considering the technological aspect of the evolution of computers, notebooks and tablets. ASUS has been world renowned for keeping things simple yet daringly innovative and this is an excellent example of how far the company can go.

Apparently the device offers the simplicity to sync files, videos, photos, emails etc between the two operating systems. A ten point multi touch function is also available as an option. The chassis has the classic ASUS aluminium finish while the docking hinge is very sturdy since it should be stable when using the device in notebook mode.

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