Make Your Room Look Bigger

Our bedroom will always be a special place. It is probably the only place you want to see after long hours of working. In fact, turning it into the most comfortable place in the world is more than just the soft bed. We turn into our own little haven by putting up posters we like, unique memorabilia, toys, and other things that are related to our interests.

But this also means that we do not want to feel like we are in a sardine can, cramped small, in our bedroom. The best way to avoid this is to look into neighbourhoods like the Lendlease housing communities near Perth because owners are given maximum design freedom. For this reason, this article presents various design ideas that will help make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Look at the room layout

Look at the room layout

One of the first things you need to do before you figure out how you are going to place the furniture in your room is to study how your bedroom is built first. This is important so that you can plan a kind of flow in your room. Flow is something intuitive: as soon as the person enters your room, where do you want to direct them next? Once you have figured out the movement in the room, that is when you can start placing furniture and fix-ins. Put big pieces of furniture at an angle in a corner so that there is still space for people to move or sit around.

Use paint with lighter shades

Look at the room layout

Choose colours that your eyes will love looking at. There are times when the darker colours do offer the perfect aesthetic, but it will make a room feel small. Lighter hues, on the other hand, will make the room look open and airy.

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Let natural light in

If you browse through interior design tips, you will see that one of their recommendations is to let as much natural light as you can in a room. You can do this by choosing curtains that are not too heavy that it blocks the light coming in from the window. If your bed happens to be in front of the window, try using see-through headboards or remove it completely so that the light can still get in. Natural light does wonders for making a room look spacious, so consider trying this out.

Use multipurpose furniture

Look at the room layout

Another way you can make your room look bigger is if you make use of multipurpose furniture. Examples of multipurpose furniture are beds that have shelves at the side for your books, or chairs that can turn into desks. These are not just affordable than most pieces of furniture, but it is also stylish; in fact, the trends for apartments these days include using furniture like this. You can also put up wall shelves instead of buying cabinets where you can put some of your stuff on.

These are simple techniques you can do to make your room look spacious. Pretty sure your room will look twice its actual size once you have tried out these tips.



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