Summer’s Fashion

As the summer season heads towards a new year, it’s time to upgrade your style for the season. Summer is the season not only to look good but also to feel good. It can be challenging to find good summer outfits because you want to be stunning without also ending up a sweaty mess at the end of the day. The summer season brings many outdoor events to spend under the sun. You would want to pick exactly the right outfit for these occasions that keep you naturally cool. With these practical matters in mind, let’s look at some of the biggest dos and don’ts of this summer season.

Choose Patterned Outfits

Summer Fashion

The summer is definitely not the season to show off your preference for single shades. It’s common for women to wear a single shade or monotone outfits during cooler months and accessorize the style to look less bland. The summer is not the time for that. Heavy accessories like big beaded necklaces would only weigh down on your clothes and trap body heat.

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You will start sweating before you know it. Therefore, avoid accessorizing too much by wearing charming patterned outfits. Summer is the big season to show off floral patterns. But there are also many other chic styles, particularly with boho-style clothing. Choose an artistic pattern to show off during the hot months without actually ending up overheating.

Don’t Wear Synthetic Fabrics

Summer Fashion

Avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester this summer. If you are planning to spend a lot of time outdoors, choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Cotton is really the best fabric for the warm months. Natural fabrics are just better at keeping your skin cool. These fabrics absorb sweat and will not trap body heat like some synthetic fabrics tend to do. Choose natural fabric outfits with a single layer to feel as comfortable as possible this season.

Yes, Silk is Trendy in the Summer

Summer Fashion

Most people avoid silk in the summer because, well, it could look tacky and it may also make you sweat. Actually, silk is a natural fabric, and as mentioned before, it’s much more breathable and cooling than poly-blends as a result. Silk is, in fact, one of the most breathable fabrics out there. So if you want to make heads turn this season in a silk outfit, go for it.

Buy Larger Shoes than Normal

Summer Fashion

Sweaty and smelly feet is one of the biggest challenges during the summer. If you want to keep your feel fully covered when going out, make sure you buy shoes that are at least half a size larger than your regular size. Some even recommend wearing shoes a whole full size larger than your actual shoe size. Large shoes have plenty of room for the skin on your feet to breathe. Stuffy shoes make your feet smell the worst so go with large shoes.

Don’t Forget Waterproof Makeup

Summer Fashion

Your outfit may not be complete without that killer lipstick shade. However, you might also want to keep your makeup from literally melting under the hot sun. Therefore, make sure you buy waterproof makeup for the season. It’s preferable if lipstick or foundation has some SPF protection as well. When packing your makeup, make sure you wrap items correctly to avoid trapping heat.

Enjoy your Australian summer with the fashion tips above. Make sure you prioritize comfort as well as style when choosing outfits and accessories.



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