As you get your small business going, you probably have the frequent sensation that you’re packing for a long journey; you’re running to and fro trying to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful. You’ve got a great product, you have a lean but dedicated team, and you’re all set from a bookkeeping standpoint. You’re just about ready for your big launch when you realize—with a certain level of panic—that you’ve forgotten to get one little detail squared away: the design of your logo. But a logo isn’t really that important, is it?

Your logo is the first thing that many of your potential customers will see. It can wordlessly communicate loads of information about you and your business. If your logo looks like a shoddy afterthought, your potential customers will assume that you take a similar approach to the rest of your work. Knowing how to create an instantly recognizable logo that also captures who you are isn’t easy, but it is possible with a few pointers. Whether you want to design your own logo or are just trying to get a better idea of what to tell a creative agency, knowing a few tips for designing a logo can be a huge boost for the brand you’re working so hard to build.

–          Think about where your logo will be used. Do you plan to purchase advertising space online? On billboards? In local newspapers? Your logo has to be versatile. This means both color and scalability. Color doesn’t just mean choosing a beautiful, stylish palette. It also means creating a logo that will also function with no color at all. This may seem like a small detail, but consider the fact that you probably plan to put your logo on company letterhead and other locations where the costs for displaying your logo in color could be prohibitive. Also, think about what will happen if the logo passes through a fax or copy machine, where logos in both grayscale and color typically don’t fare well. Your logo should be uniquely yours, but it should also be hearty enough to function whether in black and white or color.


–          Scalability means that regardless of size, your logo will still communicate the same thing. If you choose on an overly detailed design, you’ve basically chosen a logo that will only work on billboards and buses. Your logo has to work for you whether it’s ten feet high or one inch high. The delicately nuanced rose that looks so great on the front of your shop may look like the printer had hiccups on your business card. Keep your logo bold and simple.

–          A few other things to consider: try to avoid trends; theychange like the weather. What looks cutting edge today may look stale tomorrow. Go for something timeless—you’re in this for the long haul, after all. Changing your logo midstream involves lots of costs, so choose something that can keep on ticking. Avoid logos that incorporate too many fonts or styles. Good logos work by choosing a single identity and sticking to it.

–          Finally, consider enlisting the help of a good marketing agency. Firms specialize in getting to know you, your market, and your customer base, and then creating a design that communicates what you want it to.

So don’t getstuck with a bad logo! Taking a little extra time to create a good one will help your customers love your product as much as you do.



Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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