Living alone is a lot of things, and it is often liberating, lonely, and sometimes scary. Even the most independent person can be vulnerable to criminal acts, such as home invasion or burglary, due to the fact they are alone.

However, there are also many ways to protect yourself if you do live by yourself. With the many advances in technology, especially with security systems and devices, living alone won’t be that scary anymore.

Here are seven tips to ensure and increase your security even when living alone.

Living Alone

  1. Get A Dog (Or Adopt One)

Unless you’re allergic or it isn’t allowed where you live, getting a dog or adopting one is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your protection. And it’s not only for your safety. A well-trained dog can protect your home as well. Aside from the companionship a dog offers, they also work great as an alarm system to let you know if an intruder is trying to access your home or if something suspicious is going on.

Living Alone

  1. Have A Safety Net

Surrounding yourself with trusted friends and family is an effective method to ensure your safety. Aside from having close people to spend time with, you can also use each other to keep everyone safe. Create a group chat so you can keep tabs on each other, especially during late-night outs or during travels.

  1. Don’t Talk About Where You Live

Sharing private information is a strict no-no, especially if you live alone. One of the most crucial pieces of information you need to keep private is where you live and your living arrangement. You’ll never know who may be listening to your conversation, so it’s better to be careful.

Living Alone

  1. Get A House Sitter

If you tend to go on travels for some period, getting a house sitter is a simple effort to ensure that your home is safe. This tip is especially useful when you have pets and plants at home. Criminals will think twice about invading your home if they sense that someone is home. Having a house sitter will increase your home’s level of protection while someone takes care of your pets and plants.

  1. Prevent People From Looking Into Your Home

Living Alone

It’s important that you keep your homes private at all times, especially if you are home. Closing your curtains or blinds and shutting your windows will ensure that no one will take their chances of invading your home. If you keep your home open for people to see, it will be easier for criminals to know what they can get from you and what they have to do to get in.

  1. Monitor Who Has Keys To Your Home

If you have a lot of spare or duplicate keys and you plan to give them to people you are close with, make sure that you keep tabs on them. Monitoring who has your keys will give you a quicker opportunity to know who to call during an emergency or who might have accessed your home.

Living Alone

  1. Upgrade And Maintain Your Locks

This may sound cliché, but proper lock maintenance is always important to secure your home. It’s also a useful trick to prevent getting locked out of your home. Make sure that you contact a professional locksmith when maintaining or upgrading your locks



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