Some of the major challenges posed to the online business owners or any site owner is the visibility of their websites on the popular search engines specially Google. Among the number of search engines, Google controls majority in percent of these searches. This is the reason why most of the websites embark with strategies targeting Google first. The best way of increasing your online visibility comes through the concepts of search engine optimization or SEO. Hence when you come up with your website, it is important to adopt a proper SEO strategy to improve your website’s ranking. The following are few of the important tips to effectively improve search engine optimization strength of any website you design:

By adding a blog:

When you add a blog to your website, it gives you an opportunity to add new content on a regular basis. Different search engines love new and fresh content, hence when you add such contents on your blogs at least once or twice in a week; you are more likely to get good SEO benefits. With blogs for any site, you can simply attract your targeted traffic coming from the search engines. Hence to get the SEO advantage, it is always recommended to add a blog and keep them updated with fresh content and also allow visitors to comment and ask questions. Also, the blogs enhance the size of your site and render a major SEO strength by increasing website authority and give you opportunity with higher number of pages to empower your internal links.

By decreasing code bloat:

The Google’s spider loves to find fresh and unique content, using JavaScript and CSS in your HTML code make things harder for them to find these contents. Hence make sure that the scripts and CSS files must be added as external files to decrease the time required to search your content by these spiders along with alleviating the code to content ratio too. With such excessive code you not only increase the page loading time, but also increase the chances of error while coding. This may not influence your website’s SEO, but would certainly create problems for the search engine spiders.

By adding Google Analytics to every page:

The Google Analytics gives you a number of data and statistics which will render you critical data about your website and the way it is performing at various search engines. The various features found in Google Analytics like Event tracking, Goal tracking, Bounce rates and Intelligence, you can understand the performance of number of things including the keywords, traffic sources, search engines and the way they are producing sales or leads for your website. With this you can understand how you can improve your site’s performance with the help of ongoing split testing.

By making every page as unique:

Google ranks your website as per the uniqueness of your content. So if you have any content similar to any other’s website, remember it will hamper your rankings over the search engine. Not only that, every page of your website should have different and unique content. This will help you in reducing things like content duplication which is considered to be big hurdle in your site’s SEO. If you have some content similar to some other place over the internet, you are certainly discarded by the search engines as they are competent to cite out the duplication or plagiarism thing.

By using custom title and unique Meta description tags:

Make sure you write custom titles and unique or different kind of Meta description on every web page. These things will not influence the SEO factor but a must for any website as they appear in your search engine result pages. Make sure you incorporate good descriptions which demand for a call to action thing. At the same time, they should be different and unique, if you use any duplicate content; you are likely to hamper your site’s SEO.

By adding footer links to all the pages:

You can enhance your SEO ranking by linking between web pages via plain text links with the help of target SEO keywords in your anchor text. Generally a number of website designs depend upon the JavaScript or Flash navigation rather than using anchor text. If you find this in your website, better incorporate footer links to link between your web pages with the targeted keywords within the anchor text of the links.

To survive on the internet you need good search engine traffic. The organic search engine traffic is considered to be the lifeline for any website. If you fail to do so, you need to depend upon the alternate methods which are expensive. Hence the only option is to depend upon a right SEO strategy. The tips discussed above will help you in making your site SEO friendly.


About the author: Alyisa is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on gadgets and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. These days she contributes an article on Indian Restaurant



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