It was almost a year when rumors about the iPhone 6 spread and for iPhone users out there are really that excited and has been waiting for the big day for it to be revealed. Seems like the long wait is over iPhone fanatics out there, mark all your calendars and reserve the first week of September since the exact date tend to be not that sure, iPhone 6 will be unveiled. Expect the long lines at almost every Apple store in different places.

iPhone 6

Almost every year that Apple is introducing new member of the family or at a much better explanation Apple upgrade their iPhone for their users satisfaction. But this year it will definitely a big and different from the past iPhone that has been revealed. For the past years, it was obvious that the only upgrade that happened was in terms of the internal specs and nothing on it’s form well an exemption for the iPhone 5 version in that case.


Now if you are not that an iPhone user, but simply tempted to try or eventually own it. Here are some of the reasons why you should start loving the new iPhone 6.


1. Say Hello To It’s Two Screen Size Offer –

it’s really a first and definitely the most awaited change that happened to an iPhone. They were able to maintain that 4-inches plus screen size, but never ventured into a 5-inches size, unlike some of it’s competitors that are really boasting those massive screen sizes for a phone. The rumors about the new iPhone 6 is is bigger and there will be an option for a 4.7 inches or the 5.5 inches considered to target the phablet market.


2. You Never Go Wrong With Its Camera Features –

one of the reasons why most people love iPhone its because of the good quality of camera that it offers.  Simply the best but now it will be upgraded into a bigger sensor and better optics rumored to be upgraded from 8-megapixel to more or less 13-megapixel. Since at some point iPhone can really deliver a good quality picture whenever and whenever you might be.


3. Keeping The Elegance Through Color –

black, gold, and white can be one of the popular colors that the iPhone can offer despite the iPhone 5c offers a lot of color to choose from. Still the elegance that iPhone would like to maintain is still there.


4. Be More Secured Through TouchId –

the fingerprint sensor that want to add security features to the iPhone 5s will definitely be back to the iPhone 6 and expect that it will be better that the former version. Nothing to worry about your phone when there is TouchID that certainly be also a security success that can go along with the top-end technology.


5. A Faster Processor Is An Answered Prayer –

Apple will make sure to settle only for the best processor and expect that a faster than previous model processor will be used for iPhone 6. So users will not worry about any backlogs when using the phone.


6. Faster Wi-Fi Connection Anytime, Anywhere –

just like some of the competitors of Apple, that venture in improving their WiFi, and of course it is one of the features that Apple will not miss. The latest WiFi service can certainly be expected and it gives assurance that it faster than the usual one.


7. Expect For It To Be More On Metal Features –

this will be one of the reason on why iPhone 6 is really worthy enough to own. As Apple will use a Liquidmetal alloys in order to improve the use of sensors in mobile devices. The good things about it is that Apple planned those sensors to be health-related and will work with HealthKit. Now for those who are into a healthy lifestyle, the iPhone 6 will be one of the best.


8. Scratch Resistant Sapphire Display  –

everyone user dreams to have that phone that will guarantee them that the screen will be protected from any scratches. It’s possible with the iPhone 6. This is considered to be the central feature of the new device.


9. Students and Even Employees Will Love It  –

many can be biased that when choosing Apple, the fact that it is believed to be user-friendly and that convenient for school purposes since there are some students who are doing their assignments and research through their phone. Also for some employees and businessmen who really rely on their phones when it comes to dealing with some meetings.


10. It Is Pricey, But Certainly You Can Afford It –

yes, iPhone 6 will never go cheap as well as other Apple products so owning an iPhone can really be a good investment after all.


Once the iPhone 6 heads the spotlight a lot of features will be unveiled that can help convince more people to own one. There can be no doubt that iPhone 6 will be a total package that everyone will look forward.


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