MarketingTrends2014Marketing through Internet has become a very brilliant strategy that is adopted by companies and organizations nowadays. In fact Internet has totally changed the system to share information and sell products and services. It is a very cheap medium to target the maximum consumers for your products and services. Some of the internet marketing trends that will dominate in the market in 2014 are following-

  • Content Marketing

Mainly companies are gaining trust of consumers by creating content that is very valuable and of high quality, consistently through a number of channels. This involves relevant information about company which provides entertainment and insight to audience. The top strategies for B2B content marketing are articles on website of business, social media, case studies, e  -newsletters and videos. So, with the help of these marketing techniques like radio ads and television ads have become very less effective. These companies should make inbound marketing very effective by producing valuable content for specific consumers.

  • Rule of Image-Centric Content

Because consumers are getting large number of ads, so make your content quickly and easily digestible, today many social media sites focus on images and getting success using image based content. Blog posts that are getting success and receiving the maximum shares of people are due to well-placed pictures that focus on important points. Another option is Infographics in which images are combined with some text information for explaining the topic providing data and statistical information obtained from research studies.

  • Need of Mobile-Friendly Content

Nowadays, use of tablets and smartphones is increasing, so companies are creating content that will be accessible to users of mobiles. It’s very useful to give a positive experience to mobile users. Otherwise, your company can lose customers easily to competitors who are going according to this trend.

  • Effective growth of Ad retargeting

This marketing strategy is growing recently. It utilizes the browser cookies to keep track of websites visited by users. Once users leave certain site, the services or products viewed by them will be shown again to them through advertisements across other websites seen by them so that consumers are able to keep the product and brand at the top of their mind. This technique is very effective. According to psychological studies, simple exposure to logos and their brand names creates familiarity, that helps to build trust and consumers are more likely to purchase.

  • More diversity will be required in Social Media Marketing

Few years ago, social media networks used by businesses were limited due to the presence of some of the marketing campaigns like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But many new sites of social media are coming up nowadays like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. These are gaining popularity by providing options to make engaging content through variety of  forms of media and make their consumers across more channels as compared to earlier times. So, businesses should branch out to multiple networks to reach maximum number of consumers. This diversification is very useful for companies.


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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Internet Marketing Trends That Will Dominate The Market in 2014

  1. Hi Sunil, Great list. I think image based content is definitely a must and ad re targeting would be so valuable! I find myself constantly struggling with social media though- do you have any advice on how to utilise it better? I do all the usual things like sharing blogs, useful information etc but i struggle to get likes and shares

    1. We are really happy to see you on our Blog ! You are most welcome here, Well Thanks for appreciating Sunil’s post. Yes these are the best & most useful tips for Internet Marketing Trend, These Great tips will surely Improve the Performance of Internet Marketing

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