Social Media Rubick's Cube

Internet Marketing has turned into a truly excellent approach that is put into practice by organizations aand companies of all sizes and types nowadays. The fact is, the internet has completely transformed the lanscape of sharing information and selling of products and services. It is a cost effective channel to target the absolute maximum customers for your products or services. Below is a number of online marketing trends that have the most potential to rule the market this 2014.

1.    Content Marketing


Generally companies are earning trust of customers by generating contents that are very useful and of top quality, constantly through a variety of mediums. This involves appropriate and relevant information about the organizations which offer amusement and awareness to the target audience. The most notable approaches for B2B content marketing are posting of articles on websites social media, business,  e  -newsletters, videos and  case studies. Thus, with the aid of these advertising and marketing models like and television and radio ads have grown to be very less powerful. These businesses need to make inbound marketing and advertising very efficient by creating important contents for specific consumers.

2.    Image-centric content marketing


Because customers are receiving great number of ads, you need to make your content easily and quickly comprehensible. These days many social media marketing sites concentrate on images and achieving good results by making use of image based content. Web sites which are achieving achievements and getting the most shares of are audience are caused by well-placed images that center on vital points. An alternative option are Infographics through which graphics are combined with a few texts information for conveying the topic furnishing  statistical information and data extracted from feasibility studies and online research.

3.     Mobile-friendly content marketing


These days, the use of tsmartphones and tablets  is growing on a rapid phase, so companies are coming up with content that is to be available to users of smartphones. Its very helpful to provide a good experience to users of mobile and smartphones. If not, your organization may lose consumers easily to rivals who are going with this current trend.  The mobile industry is going to be larger than we have thought of. Content marketing will certainly continue to develop snd evolve and something unique will surely  show up that people are clueless about it before.

4.    Ad retargeting


This online marketing strategy just keeps on growing lately. It makes use of the browser cookies to keep an eye on websites being viewed by customers. The moment a user leaves a certain site, the products or services seen by them are going to be displayed all over again to them by means of advertisements all over other internet sites viewed by them to ensure that future consumers will be able to have a picture of the brand and product at the back of their mind. This method is very efficient. Based on psychological research, by exposing the people to logos as well as their brandnames it produces familiarity, that can help to develop trust with consumers so that they are more inclined to purchase.

5.    Social media marketing


A number of years ago, social networking sites utilized by businesses were limited because of the reputation of several of the marketing activitiesof  LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, many new social media sites are popping up these days like , Pinterest, Google+Tumblr and Instagram. They are becoming popular by giving choices to make interesting content via an assortment of  forms of media generating more consumers across more routes when compared to the earlier days. So, companies ought to branch out to various networks To attain maximum number of clients. This diversity has been very helpful for most companies.


The AUTHOR is a content management system specialist for a thriving company . He loves to share his experitise in CMS to bloggers all over the web. 



Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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