Crowdfunding is an idea that is simple and utopian at first glance. Any ordinary person who can manage to bring together a population of donors to make a contribution online for their cause has mastered the concept. However, most Indians are still fumbling to find their way around the young industry. Crowdfunding experts are few in number and many campaigns fail due to entirely preventable issues – whether those are inadequate storytelling or lack of a social media presence. While most western countries have seen a flourishing crowdfunding scene for a few years, dubious Indians are still dipping their feet into the waters.

Crowdfunding provides an ideal solution

But the statistics are promising. Over 350 million Indians are keen on giving to a cause and double that number have growing social media networks. Moreover, there is no dearth of causes and nonprofits in the country that in dire need of a safe and transparent funding system. Crowdfunding provides an ideal solution and industry experts are certain that the crowdfunding trend will only create more buzz with passing time. Thousands of campaigners on Indian crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have succeeded in stirring social media with their beautifully written stories and raised their goal amount in a few weeks and often, even days. Though the concept is still alien to a large portion of the Indian population, Impact Guru and other platforms continue to see more and more enthusiastic campaigners who are eager to learn. Here, we answer the top five queries that campaigners ask.

How will a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru help my cause?

There are thousands of non-profits in India that are passionate about their cause but have trouble accessing donors. This is often because they are unable to provide an easy to use, transparent, and secure platform where they can accept donations from supporters. Turning to NGO crowdfunding is an ideal option for these organizations. There are countless medical patients as well, who are unable to afford their medical procedures and therapies but may have contacts that are willing to help and cannot due to the same reason. Impact Guru provides the ideal solution with an affordable, absolutely safe, and user-friendly online platform where supporters can make donations in minutes.

How does a crowdfunding campaign work?


Often, we find campaigners that create a crowdfunding campaign or fundraiser, include details of their project/cause, and then abandon it, hoping the funds would just pour in. A successful fundraiser is the result of a campaigner that consistently remains active and makes an effort to grow their donor networks. Before you create your fundraiser, take a moment to educate yourself on how crowdfunding works and make sure your close friends and family make a contribution the moment your fundraiser is approved. Going forward, remain active; spread the word, approach potential donors on social media like Twitter, Facebook, emails, calls, WhatsApp, etc., and encourage your network to share your story.

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How do I go about writing a great fundraiser story?

The best and most effective fundraisers possess a simple, sincere, and clear tone. They are detailed, informative with clearly stated facts and are accompanied by visual aid such as pictures, videos, and proof of authenticity such as documents. Moreover, a great fundraiser story will be written in simple but correct language and will depict a unique and personal tone. This is a quality that will earn the trust of a potential donor and move them into clicking the donate button.

How do I share my fundraiser on social media?

On your fundraiser page, there are buttons displayed at the top and bottom, providing options to share your fundraiser page on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. How often you share is entirely up to you, though we advise that you choose a rhythm and adhere to it, whether that’s twice a day or thrice a week. Generally, sharing and posting updates on your campaign is recommended to let your donors know you care about their contribution and let potential donors know you are dedicated to your cause.

Top 5 Questions from Crowdfunding Campaigners Answered

Why should I choose Impact Guru for my fundraiser? Why not other platforms?

Impact Guru is one of the most affordable crowdfunding platforms in India. Impact Guru charges less than Milaap, India’s other prominent crowdfunding platform, and has seen more successful campaigns, raising a total of Rs 329 crores since its inception. We would love to charge nothing at all; we would be the happiest if the non-profit projects, underprivileged communities, and medical causes we work with could gain 100% of the funds they work so hard to raise, but the small percentage we deduct helps keep our platform up and running so that more people can raise funds for more causes! We strive to help campaigners make a difference for the greater good through promotions on social media, advertising, marketing, and so on. We have a strong team working hard to improve the platform every day and provide the most for our campaigners and their donors.



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