Web design includes the skills and disciplines, used in the production and maintenance of websites. There are numerous tools that ease our work in web designing. They not only save our time, but also  improve our client based browser development. Some of the most useful web tools are as follows.

Web Design

  • XRAY

XRAY is the handy bookmarklet, which can be used with the Internet Explorer 6+, and Webkit and Mozilla based browsers (Safari, Mozilla, Firefox and Camilla). The tool owns its copyright to Western Civilization Pvt Ltd. It helps you to view the page in box model that comprises the specific elements on the page. Just drag this bookmarklet on your favourites bar, and if you want to interrogate the page that you currently viewing, click both the bookmarklet along with the element you want to get the data about. One of the most up to date version of XRAY is 0.91a. It allows you to move around the document with arrow keys, improving its efficiency and making it more user friendly.


Unique and accurate content play an important role in the ranking of a website. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have a number of strategies, on which a website is ranked on their result page. One of these include Plagiarism Checker. This is one of the helpful tools in web designing that ensures your content is a unique one. It also gives your pages complete SEO benefit. This tool is mainly used for checking the unintended plagiarism.


An efficient web designer should be able to manipulate and manage images, along with the creation of web pages. To help him in the process, a number of online tools for image edition are available online today. One among the best image editor tools is FotoFlexer. This  tool helps to create effects, change fonts and shapes, doodle, remove distortions in image and create layers etc. FotoFlexer is most simple, low bandwidth consumptive interface. It is a capable tool for photo hobbyists.


Based on the device used by the user, this tool provides different images. Using this tool, the user does not need to change the <img> tag to get the high resolution images of one’s choice, optimized for retina screens. The tool has a number of benefits, which enables one to overlook the drawbacks.

Only one image is only downloaded by the viewer and fall back to regular image is done, if hi-res is not available or JavaScript/cookie(CSS) are disabled, all standard raster images are served as hi-res images. The main drawback of this tool is that the <img> tag can have only specific width/height, for which the attribute needs to be selected at the beginning.


This tool acts as the USB drive that is plugged into a PC or Mac. It helps you to open, edit and save your files within your favourite programs. It enhances the connection of remote data with every single application on your computer. The latest version of ExpanDrive is ExpanDrive 3 that supports Dropbox, OpenStack, Rackspace and Webdave. Major improvements, made possible with the latest version of the tool are- improved responsiveness and browsing, hige speed in transference.



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