Life without Smartphones is just as hard as it is without beer on a hot Sunday! Smartphones are the best companions for all times – you may be alone, bored or travelling! Contrary to voice calling, text messaging, FM listening and a little more in traditional phones, there is a lot more you can do with Smartphones.


Smartphones have changed the entire communication model. They’ve allowed people to share updates and photos, send emails, make video calls, navigate social networking websites etc. With a high-end Smartphone, you can accomplish most of your tasks on the move, which you would have otherwise done through a laptop or computer.

Whenever we purchase a Smartphone, it is important that we unlock it.

‘Unlocking is the process of freeing up your phone for use with any SIM worldwide. An originally purchased phone is usually locked for use with a specific connection. To be able to use it on any network connection, it is important that we get it unlocked.’


HTC, a popular Smartphone brand, has launched over 60 Smartphone and tablet models. One of its recent introductions – the HTC One Mini was released in August 2013. With an Android operating system, the touch-screen phone supports features like GPRS, Wi-Fi connectivity and social networking integration.

How to unlock HTC One Mini?

Unlocking is simple and quick! You can instantly do it online via a reputed third party agency. These agencies ask for your phone details and send the unlock code within a few minutes on your email ID. In order to receive an unlock code for your HTC One Mini; you need to place an online order for a 16-digit unlock code from While placing the order you need to mention your phone’s IMEI number and current network connection.

  • IMEI number is obtained by dialing *#06# from your keypad.
  • Mention the network connection you currently use. Do not specify the one that you intend to use.

Once you provide your IMEI number, current network connection and email ID and make the payment – you’d receive the unlock code on your email ID. Now you just need to change the phone’s SIM to the one you want to use and when it asks for an unlock code – enter the one you’ve got on your email ID.

While placing the order you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • Check for the number of attempts left for entering the unlock code. Do not place the order in case ‘zero’ attempts are left.
  • Recheck the IMEI number carefully before submitting the order.

With all that information handy, don’t you think unlocking is real quick and easy? If you still have any apprehensions, read the below facts:

*  Unlocking is 100% genuine

* Unlocking process is quick and simple

*  Unlocking is a onetime process

*  Unlock code is received instantly

*  There is 100% money back assurance if phone is not unlocked

*  Unlocking allows you to use all voice and data features

Why should you unlock your HTC One Mini?

Unlocking is important primarily because it frees you for a lifetime to use services from any network provider. While you’re travelling abroad, an unlocked phone saves your huge roaming charges because you’d be able to use a network service of that country. Unlocked phones also have a higher resale value. So it is best that you request for an unlock code right now!



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