The Internet isn’t just a place where a lot of information is stored because it’s also a place you can promote your blog or website around the world which is important for bloggers and businesses alike. Regardless of your niche, getting seen on the first page on any search engine is vital, but it’s not a goal that can be easily accomplished unless you’ll do something about it.


Using online marketing strategies is definitely a no-brainer and guest blogging is one of the effective methods you can use. Guest blogging can be very rewarding if done right because your traffic, connections & visitors will all increase. However, it’s not going to be a walk in a park because webmasters are quite strict when it comes to guest bloggers because they won’t accept people that will cause a negative impact on their own blog or website.

It can be quite tricky to get your articles published on any website, but you can increase your chances if you’ll improve your skills at guest blogging and here are a few tips to help you accomplish that.

Do your research

You can’t just submit an article about gardening to a business themed website because it won’t see the light of day since it has no place for it. First of all, you’ll need to find out the niche of the website you’re writing for in order to come up with an article that they’ll be interested in. Secondly, take a look at their writing style. Is it serious? straightforward? free flowing? You have to take it into account before you start. Lastly, you’ll have to take note of their guidelines as there are specific rules that you have to follow in order to improve your chances of getting your articles published. Remember, knowing is half the battle.

Work On Your Pitches

To submit a guest post article, then you’ll need to communicate with the webmaster first to see if they’re interested with your ideas, but simply showing them your ideas won’t get you very far. Sending your pitch has to be crafted carefully because you won’t be able to move forward if you get rejected at the very first step. If you’re not getting any luck, then here are a few ways that you can use to enhance the quality of your pitches.

  • Instead of writing like a robot, Concentrate on writing it in a more natural way.
  • Provide 3-4 topics rather than a single one.
  • Keep it short and direct
Show Your Credibility

Like said earlier, webmasters are quite strict when it comes to guest posting which is why credibility is a plus for them. In order to show that you’re credible enough to contribute, then you should provide them with some of your previously published articles on other websites. If you’re just starting out, then let them take a look at a few articles on your own blog so that they could get a grasp if you’re knowledgeable and skilled enough to write an interesting article for them. You have to prove that you’re the real deal because there’s just too many spammers nowadays.

Focus On Quality

There’s no use submitting your article if it’s full of nonsense because you’re just wasting your time. There are far too many people who manages to get their articles turned down which is due to various reasons such as bad writing. Not a lot of people have a talent at writing, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t able to write a great piece. You’ll need both your writing skills and knowledge to produce an article that everyone could appreciate. Also, pay special attention to your grammar, spelling, tone, format as these things will make a huge impact on your article.

Maintain interaction

As a guest blogger, you still have a duty to fulfill even after your article gets published. Interaction is very important because this is also a great way to make people to visit your blog or website. Some websites will require you to answer to any comment your article receives, but be sure to interact with everyone even if it’s not enforced because this would benefit you and the webmaster as well. Don’t be a “submit & forget” type of person since that wouldn’t just hurt your reputation, your article will also get taken down. Be sure to answer every single comment & queries if you wish to keep your article on the website.


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Sophia Jennings is a hardworking college student who’s quite knowledgeable at social media, Internet, technology and education. She’s always pre-occupied with her studies, but she also uses her talents at writing to support herself in college. She currently provides her best essay writing to a paper writing company which she has been doing of quite a while. She also spends her time at Twitter to catch up with the latest trends and news around the net.



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