The mobile world is so dynamic you may miss out on latest developments if you fails to catch up even for a span of two or three days. And it is this ever fast paced world that keeps the adrenaline rush going for the customers.

It is the Windows 8 phone that has been the talk of the town presently and I am sure you’re craving to know every bit of this new baby. Read on to know the things that you must know:




1. Tells you what’s playing

Windows 8 phone doesn’t need much external “help” as it is itself all set for various challenges. While Android  and IPHONE  will demand that you look up an application, choose and then download, Windows makes life easier by having it all, in its in built memory. So for instance to identify music playing around you is just a tap away, unlike on an iphone  where you will first download the app Shazam. So get smart, get fast.

2. Not only bigger but a better screen


Windows is ready for a bigger screen of upto 5 to 6 inches and that too of 1080p. This is not a senseless enlargement but a substantial one. The in built applications will adjust accordingly to make use of the increase in space. And you get to pin a whole extra column of tiles to the start screen.

3. Windows wants you safe

You will no longer be distracted by useless notifications. Nor will you miss important calls and alerts. This can happen as you can limit notifications and receive what you like. Moreover you can preset replies for missed calls and texts. And the best part of this application is that it can be activated through a voice command,so even if you forget to switch modes earlier, do so while driving.

4. Get the best out of your phone


This third update,GDR3, will make you utilise your phone up to its full capacity. This will happen because a new suite of applications has been added so that you view better and hear better. And your job gets easier as your phone is now sensitive and responds better to your touch. And an application definitely worthy of mention is the screen reader which is for the visually impaired. It is great conscious new inclusion.

5. Big brother willingly connects

Now your PC will comfortably pair with the phone. This results in you being free from all hassles and the devices tether on their own. No password or work from your end is now required. Iphones on the other hand demand at least a 5 step procedure before tether. Settings>General > Network>Personal Homecoming>On. In Windows you just tap once and simply pair and the devices will comfortably turn on and connect on their own.

So one of these days when you are sitting idle at starbucks and want to follow up on your tutorials about how to build a website on your laptop, you know you have internet access through your smartphone.

6. Get that edge with latest processor

Snapdragger 800 in action is the best mobile processor. Four core processor work together to give your phone extra battery life and good performance on all fronts,be it camera or gaming.

7. You know 40 languages!

Yes you do if you own this phone. Travelling will become easier as this phone will translate not only words but signs and symbols. You just click a picture and upload. There is a catch here. This feature to translate will require an application. But then again it is free and available from Microsoft.


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Wrick Brian makes interactive tutorials. His latest series on how to make a website using wordpress are available for download on his own website. He has a graduate degree in interactive design and understands what it takes to design interaction projects.

Teresa Kent

Teresa Kent

Teresa Kent is a part time writer and a full time writer for one of the famous magazines in the UK. Technology is not a favourite but since she likes to take risks she started to write more articles about Technology. Currently she is writing about energy management services and 3G data.
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